The first child is because: So you can provide as a young family

The Pension should not be delayed, even if the child was just born. Those who lay early the Foundation in terms of protection, must do so no more Worries. In th

The first child is because: So you can provide as a young family

The Pension should not be delayed, even if the child was just born. Those who lay early the Foundation in terms of protection, must do so no more Worries. In the best case, parents use the time before the birth, and answer all the open questions around the topic of Preparedness for themselves. The Baby is only there are other things.

In the first years of life, most accidents occur at home. Children get to know their surroundings slowly and are not able to assess the dangers well. You plunge you are playing, swallowing small objects, or burn yourself on the stove. You are older, you expanded your radius of action. You are outside the house, be active, play sports and are out on the road. The probability of accidents rises. What types of insurance are now a Must? The Person

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Essential: health insurance and private liability insurance

To the doctor to the parents with the offspring, not only in the case of illness. Needed also are important preventive examinations. Health insurance is therefore compulsory. The parents are insured in the framework of the legal insurance , are your children post free. The contribution is not directed to the individual state of health, but is legally defined. Statutory health insurance companies can't refuse people, even if they are hit.

the situation is Different with private health insurance . This can measure the contribution on the basis of age and state of health of the candidates individually. In the case of certain risk factors or chronic diseases this may mean a Risk premium or an exclusion. In principle, the private health insurance is aimed at people who are not insured by law. The officials or judges, the self-employed and freelancers, or employees whose gross income is above 60.750 Euro. One of the parents is insured and part private, is not an obligation on the insurance company, the child – however, post-free, as in the legal health insurance. Display Now free quotes for your private health insurance get and compare!

Whether a private or statutory health insurance for the young is meaningful, depends so largely from the insurance of the parents. If both parents are insured, parts, private, must enter the child in private health insurance. Only one of the parents is covered by private, parents have the choice. In the case of the statutory health insurance, the scope of services can also be individually by supplementary insurance to expand. FOCUS MONEY – Warren Buffett hates this book! What can learn investors from the mistakes of the Investment legend.

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Recommended to run: personal accident insurance

children and tear, and this can lead to serious accidents. You can sustain permanent physical and mental impairments, and in the worst case, life-long be unable to work. However, the statutory accident insurance only occurs in the case of accidents in school or Kindergarten in power - the majority of accidents happen in leisure time.

Therefore, it is useful to have a private child accident insurance to complete. The advantage is that The amount of the sum insured may agree with the parents individually. The sum should be chosen in a way that covers you in the case of a permanent physical or mental disability of the child on the tag and cost of care, so that the child can remain in a familiar environment to live. Additional serve insurance such as emergency services after an accident or an improved dismemberment schedule (in the case of loss or functional incapacity of limbs or senses), as an additional safeguard.

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Important: Financial Provision of the parent

Not only should children be protected with insurance, savings account, or Riester pension financially, but also the parents. After all, they are usually for the supply of the researchers responsible. The loss of a parent is not just an emotional incision, but also a financial. Important source of income falls away and the Rest of the family to a hard test.


The thought is unpleasant, but parents should be sure to think about how the next generation is cared for if something happens to you. Advisable to a disability insurance is the entry, if the Insured person has to abandon due to illness of his profession. Depending on your plan and insurance company a monthly pension and a contribution exemption is available to him, the financial loss offset by the elimination of the income. In this context, parents should consider whether you are completing a care insurance . Should you be in need of care can incur high costs.

More on the subject of insurance? What the billion-deficit of legal means health insurance for the Insured

A term life insurance protects the family in case of death. A parent is a sole breadwinner, it is usually sufficient, if only he completes the Police and the Partner as a Promote option. Parents can also protect each other with a level of risk associated life insurance policy or two separate insurance. In the event of death of the Insured/of the Insured the agreed sum will be paid and protects the family financially. The amount of the insurance sum, parents should make sure that it covers both debt (such as in the case of an existing real estate loan), as well as loss of income for the next few years: Three to five times the gross annual income is a more realistic benchmark. The free comparison of FOCUS Online (display) life Here, find a cheap risk insurance!

Who the own death with a risk insurance or the consequences of a serious illness life secures with a disability insurance should also be thinking about situations in which his will is not more free to Express. This is for example the case when someone is treated after an accident, in a coma. Parents should set up therefore makes a living will and health care proxy . The treatment of the patient's wishes available to the physician, if the can not only Express the Creator in this self. With a power of attorney, parents can designate a trusted person that is representing your personal interests in relation to private and public institutions, if they are not even in the location. Such a pension documents relieve the burden on family members, because you don't have to make any decisions that might be in the mind of the victim. the conclusion: The sooner, the better

parents can there are many Ways in provisions. First of all, the financial security of the child and the family, however, most of the time. The sooner parents have to deal with it, the better terms and conditions, insurance companies often offer. 30 inches of fresh snow At the weekend, the Winter is coming to Germany PCP 30 inches of fresh snow At the weekend, the Winter comes to Germany

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