The fuel cell Boom: industry 2020 as the best performers

hydrogen is considered, in principle, for thousands of years, our number One energy source. The isotopes of the element to hold the sun Burning, and without the

The fuel cell Boom: industry 2020 as the best performers

hydrogen is considered, in principle, for thousands of years, our number One energy source. The isotopes of the element to hold the sun Burning, and without the sun would be on our planet, well, absolutely nothing.

As an energy source, but water is lagging behind the fabric of the competition. Fossil fuel practically had consistently ahead of the game. Sad glory reaped the hydrogen, at best, for its potential in nuclear fusion bombs.

But the Megatrend of hydrogen returns currently to its short heyday in the 1990s. In addition to the electro-mobility fuel cell is suddenly back as a viable Alternative to the internal combustion engine.

share prices explode

The Renaissance of hydrogen is shown mainly in the courses. The share price of Ballard Power Systems rose in the past twelve months, a whopping 276 per cent, in the case of the competitions Nel ASA, and Plug Power, there were at least 89, respectively, 197 percent. Undefeated Champ in this comparison, ITM Power is but – of course jumped in just twelve months of 472 percent, increased five-fold so fast. Ballard Power Systems (New) 9,88 EUR -1,33 (-11,90%) Tradegate

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To indicate the rate of data

all of the companies mentioned Riva directly with each other. While Nel ASA and ITM Power operate, the expensive production of pure hydrogen, to concentrate Ballard and Plug Power to the cells, which are in daily use – the companies work together even.

Amazon is investing in the great style

The previous Problem of the drive, the difficult extraction and storage of highly reactive hydrogen, as well as the virtually non-existent infrastructure. However, the industry has found their niche. In the case of fork-lift trucks, for example. The trade is always the more massive logistics requires vehicles to entire fleets of trucks and small transport. Amazon, for example, invested in mid-2019 in Plug Power, and secured purchase rights for a quarter of all shares – current market value: Approximately US $ 300 million.

The Deal boosted the stock Plug Powers and made for Amazon sense. A "Prime"deliveries require huge logistics centers, with a corresponding number of fork-lift trucks. Electric powered forklift truck to slow down, however, when the battery is empty. The come across fuel cell vehicles is not the case. Also, the Charging infrastructure is more compact than in the case of battery-powered forklifts – more space for their inventory, so.

Also in the passenger transport, the Trend towards fuel cell goes. In China, increasingly fuel-cell buses will be used. In the Tech metropolis of Shenzhen, the first Bus for this year lines planned – although the urban transport system was already 100 percent electric. And with Toyota's Mirai, for the first time a fuel cell Car is actually built in series. The group is expecting a sales of 30,000 vehicles per year. Small Caps Champion: your 3 pillars for a successful wealth accumulation. Successfully and safely in addition to values invest. (Partner quote) Here is an exclusive free trial!

fuel cells and hydrogen as the next Megatrend

In a study from last September, the market forecast of the research company Grand View Research, the market for fuel cells good 8.2 billion dollars worldwide will grow by 2025 to about $ 24 billion. In regions like Europe that currently have a relatively low importance for the industry, could be the average annual growth up to 26.4 per cent. The potential for the manufacturer and its shareholders is so enormous.

investment professionals in hydrogen and fuel cells, a new Megatrend. "The development and interest in the direction of the hydrogen takes up such strong momentum that, even in part, the topic of E-mobility is pushed to the Background," says Rainer Beckmann, managing Director of asset management Ficon.

Appropriate opportunities Beckmann sees, therefore, for the shares: "The sleeping beauty of hydrogen is terminated shares. We expect the Rally to continue.“ The Uwe room looks so. The managing Director of Fundamental Capital, according to the prices of the previous all-time highs in a lot of game space. "Ballard Power state in January 2000 for $ 140, today is the value at about $ 12 listed. The industry is 2020 as the best performers,“ says room. Stock Selection Europe - The trading system for the DAX, Euro Stoxx 50 & co. are Now testing exclusive 30 days free of charge!

professionals recommend industry veterans and Endless-certificate

The veterans Ballard Power Systems (WKN: A0RENB) and Nel Asa (WKN: A0B733) therefore belong to the favorites of the professionals. According to Beckmann, the way is at Ballard Power Systems "for a further recovery paved".

it is also Interesting to Akasol (WKN: A2JNWZ), the professional is in addition to the better-known players. Only recently, the German specialist for batteries, has secured a major order from the French energy giant Alstom, to which, according to Beckmann, is that Akasols niche is relatively narrow.

investors who prefer to invest in a broadly diversified manner to stay ahead of the Megatrend of hydrogen but not the outside. Room the 1:1 is recommended here-Endless-certificate of Morgan Stanley (ISIN: MC2G7Q) on the E-mobility hydrogen Index of the German provider Solactive. Other certificate on E-mobility, hydrogen Index (Net Return) (EUR) 18,54 EUR -1,03 (-5,26%) Stuttgart

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course data

As with many Megatrends are strong fluctuations also in the case of hydrogen shares will not be excluded. An important risk for the companies – and their investors – remains the profitability. Since the production of the gas is costly, about Ballard Power Systems in its 40-year history of no Profit.

Also, the Norwegian competitor Nel ASA drove in the past years, only losses and recapitalised focused therefore on capital increases. In spite of the difficult business, but the Norwegians are not likely to give up if the already founded in 1927, the group has one, then stamina.

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