The hysteria is exaggerated - This is a expert for the job fear in the digitization says

Focus Online : The Institute for work and employment research, predicts in a study that the Abundance of Jobs will change as a result of the digitisation hardly

The hysteria is exaggerated - This is a expert for the job fear in the digitization says

Focus Online : The Institute for work and employment research, predicts in a study that the Abundance of Jobs will change as a result of the digitisation hardly. So we need not "fear" of the consequences of the digitalisation have?

Dr. Simon Janssen: There was the fear of technological change already in the 60s and 90s, was introduced to the computer technology. There are title pages of the news magazines of the time, you might publish one-to-one today. It has been shown, however, that new types of jobs created and the total employment tends to be increased more. I think, therefore, that the hysteria, which is operated in some Places, is excessive. I look positively into the future.

Focus Online : In many studies, authors, and scientists say that Jobs disappear...

Janssen no one can predict the future. You need to think about as in the Interpretation of studies. Who would have guessed 20 years ago that someone deserves a website like Facebook for money? And not too tight... When the car was invented, there was great fear that many of the coachmen lose your Job. In hindsight, it was but in a way that roads were built for cars, the tourism was really in gear...

Focus Online : so you're saying that the digitalization has changed, only the Profiles of the Jobs. How can keep up with that man?

Janssen This is not quite correct. Of course, the occupations will fall away, but it is also new to come. And we see that in almost all Occupations, the activities change. To the Person: IAB Dr. Simon Janssen

Dr. Simon Janssen is an expert in digital education at the German Institute for labour market and occupational research. He received his doctorate at the University of Zurich and the Copenhagen Business School. He was also a longtime research associate at the Elite universities Princeton and Stanford.

in General, training has become in the last decades, becoming more and more important. In the year 2000, have sent, on average, only 37 percent of German companies use their employees to training. 2016 that were already 54 percent. You can see a trend among entrepreneurs and workers that the number of training increases significantly.

Focus Online : the accelerating world of work Is?

Janssen company surveys show us very clearly that companies assume that training will alter the content faster than was previously the case. This means that the abilities are sufficient to the completion of the training or study to be in the labour market over the whole career productive.

Focus Online : How much faster is the world of work is that?

Janssen : Small example: Elon Musk has said in 2017, at a conference, it'll be pretty soon be no activity in the man is better than a robot. Recently, he has admitted that he underestimated the humans and artificial intelligence is overestimated. Not even a man who is daily surrounded by the most sophisticated technology, can look into the future.

Focus Online A recent study by the IAB says that 25 percent of Germans work in Jobs with a high substitution potential...

Janssen : This simply means that more than 70 per cent of the activities in these Occupations may be replaced according to the current state of the art machines. Now, if only crucial would be whether this technology would be available or not, it would mean, in fact, for a quarter of the German workers that they would be unemployed. PDF make a career and a Top salary earning In PDF guide you can find all the information about career management, self-marketing and how you can increase your chances of success in a targeted manner.To the PDF guide

Focus Online : Why are you not there then?

Janssen : simply: It is not all that useful, what would be feasible. In addition to legal and institutional barriers, particularly the costs-Benefit-factor is a major role. For small companies, it is not machines or artificial intelligences is often worthwhile. Or employees taking on new tasks. In addition, many Algorithms are still very error-prone.

Focus Online : The technology is not yet so far as we believe?

Janssen There is an example from Amazon. The wanted five years ago is already a large network of these stores, in which you go in his Goods and out going. The money will be automatically debited from the credit card. But one Example there is so far nothing – because they had big problems with the implementation.

Focus Online Nevertheless, we see in the supermarket is less and less cashiers and more Self-checkout lanes. Here professions are falling away now.

Janssen be sure to eliminate activities that you do for many years. As well as new professions are added. Current occupations may change, too. By a shift of their duties, endangered occupational groups can prevent their own extinction. But that's only if I learn as an Employee of new activities. Ideally you should start training here, the skills of the employees to the new requirements. FOCUS ONLINE salary tax calculator

How much net from gross?

to the computer

Focus Online this Means that people could find through continuing education at the end of a professional life in a completely different Job back, although he is still referred to the same?

Janssen : There is a significant shift of activities since the 90s until today. Routine activities have declined in this period, steady and strong. The change of the work has already begun for a long time.

Focus Online What skills will be important in the future?

Janssen : Our company's surveys show that generic competences are becoming more and more important, the could, for example, negotiate communicative skills, i.e., advise, or sell his or language skills. Also, dealing with people from different cultures is one of them.

As a result of digitization and globalization, many companies are increasingly working internationally. Of course, one can also assume that the handling of the new technology is becoming more and more important. Our data show that firms invest more in dealing with modern technology.

What we have observed in the past years, in addition, is that the requirements will be much greater. Firms that have already invested in advanced digital technologies, want to be, therefore, that your employees will qualify higher, for example, with a work-study opportunities. All messages to the stock exchange to find out now at Finanzen100

Focus Online : What can workers do concretely, in order to survive in the modern world of work?

Janssen you should remain attentive regarding the development in your profession and your company – even if you feel affected. It never hurts to discover new skills and horizons. Inform you about training and its funding. There is a lot of advice and funding that are not utilised by employees and employers, because you just know it. PDF how to apply correctly! Our PDF guide shows you how you can present yourself optimally and in your application can score points.To the PDF guide

Focus Online : you will See Germany in this regard, prepared to remain economically strong?

Janssen : This question is difficult to answer, because there are few international comparable studies. Moreover, this would require also a look into the future. However, there are in Germany, for example, no comparable strong Wage drop in the middle of the wage distribution, as we know him from the USA.

This is a clue that our education system life of the people in the work for a long time helps. This is because it is regularly adjusted by the employer and employee representatives in technological change. I believe, therefore, that we are currently in a good position. The future will show whether this is true.

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