The same brands and recipes: Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd unify your range

the 1000 products affected: < / strong> Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd standardise your product range Thursday, 12. March, 9.45 am: Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd standar

The same brands and recipes: Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd unify your range
the 1000 products affected: < / strong> Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd standardise your product range

Thursday, 12. March, 9.45 am: Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd standardise their product ranges. Up to the end of the year, the discounters want to bring together around 100 in-house brands, with around 1000 products that were previously offered at the sister companies under different brand names and some with different recipes. The discounters informed on Thursday in a joint statement.

"by the end of 2020 should be the majority of own-brand products in the standard range and in the action items identical," stressed the company. Aldi-Nord-Manager Tobias Heinbockel pointed out that the uniform packaging and joint marketing measures to bring Aldi cost advantages. This will give the Discounter to the customer.

Aldi Süd Manager, Simon I was holding said: "For some products it may be that only the packaging will be redesigned. Other segments, we design a complete new brand identity, new varieties and, in part, an optimized formulation.“ As before, there will be also some articles in the range, the only one of the sister companies in the offer. This is particularly true for regional products.

Despite a growing number of branded articles in the shelves of the Aldi product range consists, as before, to 90 percent of in-house brands.

Aldi has a disinfectant in the offer is in-store in minutes

Monday, 9. March, 10.11 PM: The rampant Coronavirus continues to provide for hamster purchases in German supermarkets. Consumers in Germany have used on Monday morning a special from Aldi, to buy disinfectant. The Sale of the discounter is not but in connection with the Coronavirus. It had already been a few months ago planned, said a spokesperson of Aldi-Süd, the German press Agency. "We have for years, in March, when the travel time begins, again and again, an action range, with disinfectant," she said. FOCUS Online In an Aldi store in Ebersberg the disinfectant was sold out in a matter of minutes.

In Ebersberg, near Munich hamsterten customers also disinfectant sprays, such as FOCUS Online learned. Shortly after 8 PM, all the bottles were sold out. To the funds in the Aldi store in Ebersberg there were also discussions between customers and employees. Per buyer, only two products were allowed.

in Addition, Reporter on Monday were also in the queue in Aldi stores in Munich and Hamburg."So many people were never in front of our store," said employee according to the

Because the action items were only available in limited quantity, were able to purchase the customer per Person, only three products - disinfectant spray, gel or wipes -. A shop assistant in Düsseldorf, Germany said, with a view to the offer, the content of rather small products: "It is only a travel requirement." Several Aldi stores in Düsseldorf, Cologne, Munich and Bremen, the crowd was limited.

The Alternative: disinfection sprays themselves make

But those customers facing empty shelves helps? Little. These do not need to despair yet. The disinfectant may mix interested quickly together. The WHO has published a DYO instructions:

Effective WHO-recipe: So easy a disinfectant even PCP Effective the WHO-recipe: mix So easy-sanitizer

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Aldi North and South respond to increased disinfectant demand

Tuesday, 3. March, 11:02 PM: Since the Coronavirus, Europe has achieved, there is a growing uncertainty in Germany daily. In many shops disinfection are sold out and other hygiene items. Now the Discount chains Aldi Süd and Aldi Nord are able to respond to the increased demand – and with a promotional offer that is already planned for a long time.

The consumer portal "Chip" is an internal Letter in which the discount stores informed his employees about this, disinfectant and other hygiene products as a promotional offer to offer. The Start of the action is for the 9. March planned. Customers receive disinfectant brand Vibasept for 1,75 Euro. The action range includes hygiene wipes, hygiene hand gel and hygienic spray.

if you want to stock up with the products, but it needs to be fast. The press office of Aldi Süd Chip said,"": "The products will be available in usual household quantities." The offer applies only while stocks last.

As the consumer portal writes, should customers be able to buy at Aldi Nord, in addition to the products of Vibasept also hand gel and disinfectant spray for the own-brand Ombia Med. Each of these is offered for 1.65 Euro.

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Aldi new E-Scooter sold at a low price, but offer has hook

Monday, 2. March, 12:43 PM: especially among young people, E-scooter popular. The smallest vehicles are compact and are particularly suitable for short distances. In the meantime, numerous rental offer provider large the Scooter to cities on nearly every street corner. However, who is regularly with an E-Scooter on the go, it can be worthwhile to buy a E-scooter – assuming the product holds up to what it promises.

as of Monday, 2. March 2020, attracts Aldi Nord his customers with a seemingly unbeatable offer: 199 Euro for the E-Scooter "Maginon StreetOne" with road approval online and in the stores, the discounter will cost. The scooter is according to the description of up to 20 Km/h, is 11.5 kg in weight, has a Display, and a three-speed automatic.

But the bargain is worth it? The consumer expert of the "Chip" to come to a clear conclusion: no. The reason for this is The biggest shortcoming of a scooter, the maximum range of twelve kilometers. For comparison: According to "Chip" it creates the E-Scooter of the competitor Lidl, the there is currently in the Shop of auto Teile Unger (ATU) for 249.99 euros, to 22 kilometers – and is thus clearly the better choice.

Also because of the E-scooter from Aldi has been tested under the best conditions, namely, with a Person of a maximum of 75 pounds at an outside temperature of 22 degrees. The evaluation of the "Chip": Who is heavier, and the "Maginon StreetOne" uses, is likely to not even come in a range of eight kilometers. Also the small tires, and the narrow footboard criticize the test experts.

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