These insurance policies you really need

In Germany there are around 500 million policies, and on average, the Germans pay about 2000 Euro for insurance. Nevertheless, there is a lack in many of the ex

These insurance policies you really need

In Germany there are around 500 million policies, and on average, the Germans pay about 2000 Euro for insurance. Nevertheless, there is a lack in many of the existential hedges.

So the private liability insurance policy is lacking in every fifth German household. In addition to the sick - and pension insurance, in Germany the compulsory insurance, it is especially important for the largest financial risks to safeguard their own health and the profession. Photo: Luca Fasching, Alexander Huber About the guest author

Alexander Huber, co-founder and CMO of ONE Insurance is Europe's first 100 percent digital property insurers. After studying business administration he first worked as a consultant for the mayor in Heidelberg, Germany. His career in the insurance industry began in 2014 at the Mapfre until three years later, as a Co-Founder and CMO at ONE entry.

On this insurance, you should not Private liability insurance

forgo The private liability insurance is one of the most important safeguards, when it comes to financial risks. It intervenes when the Insured person has caused Another harm. Although it is not a compulsory insurance, it was legally determined that the Damage dealer in an unlimited amount for damage to property, person or assets have to pay damages. A private liability insurance can protect you even before the financial Ruin, because it jumps also in the case of damage a replacement cost of several million Euro and assumes stays in the rule the hospital, medical expenses and loss of earnings of the person Concerned.

disability insurance

In the area of Prevention is one of the occupational disability insurance (BU) to the most important hedges. One of four workers and the compulsory insured self-employed has to resign before retirement age, the profession or career limiting. In about ten percent of this occurs already before the age of 40. The age of a. If you can't exercise for health reasons, their profession, pays the BU your pension and you can keep your standard of living even after the disability. It is advisable to BU as early as possible, since young, healthy people usually have a more extensive hedging to more favourable conditions can be offered.


- life insurance

If you have financially dependent family members, like a spouse or children, it is recommended to have a life insurance for you. This provides for its own retirement, as well as for the financial security of your family, for the insured amount after the death of the Insured person to the bereaved. Also interesting: If the Insured person survives the expiry of the contract, will be paid out the insurance sum to the pension the beginning of a complete or as an ongoing pension payment.

home insurance

it is recommended If you are a tenant and your belongings Well protected, want to have a home insurance. This is especially useful if your inventory is not so high value, that you are in the event of loss or damage in the position to buy everything new. Home contents insurance protects all of the moving items within your apartment and jumps in the case of damage caused by theft, fire, water damage or storm. The household contents policy can be extended by a Bicycle clause, whereby you can secure your bike outside of the apartment.

home building insurance

homeowners beware: While you will need as a tenant, only a home insurance that protects the building insurance the landlord or the house owner against damages to the house itself. She jumps in the case of elemental damage to the building, for example. by fire, lightning, storm, hail or water damage. The costs are usually immense and can be worn from the Least even. In addition to the reimbursement of costs of repairs, is responsible for the building insurance, the repair and reconstruction of your property. Even if you have to leave a damage to your home, pays the building insurance, the cost of a temporary rental apartment.

legal insurance

Various conflicts of daily life can quickly lead to a lengthy legal dispute. Not least of these is associated with significant costs such as legal advice, an opinion, or court costs. Self-processes in which it comes to small sums of Damage, you can bring financially in trouble.

Therefore, you should not compromise when it comes to your right. A good legal protection insurance should be included in the essential benefit packages that affect your daily life as a private person. In addition to the private right protection, should be included in your insurance company, a transport and housing rights protection. If you are an employee, it is also of advantage for a professional to have legal protection, the legal disputes with your employer covers. PDF Everything you need to know about your pension

Our PDF guide explains on 100 pages the answers to all the important questions around the topic of retirement. Plus 58 Pages Of Forms.

PDF guide

Company pension plan

If you are in a fixed ratio, you can point your employer to the fact, for you, a company pension scheme (bAV) to connect. Since 2019, he is required by law to give you this prevention form.

The bAV services, which serves their invalidity or old - age care, and in the case of death your family secure. The great advantage is that The regular contributions to be deducted directly from your gross salary and you can build a financial cushion for retirement. Here, the employer assumes the Bureaucratic and decide with which provider the Provision is designed. You could take the company pension, however, only if you have at least three years in the company and the change of Employer at least 21 years old.


Private health insurance

The legal nursing care insurance in Germany is among the mandatory insurance, and is linked to your health insurance. The sick versicheurng serves as a basic backup and transfers in care case only part of the cost. To close this performance gap, it is worth an additional private care insurance. This insurance you can complete to different conditions and three forms of select: nursing days money insurance, the cost of care insurance and Care insurance.

conclusion: In the insurance jungle it is always good to have an Overview of its policies and individually to consider what safeguards you need really. Often a conversation with the insurance broker you trust can help.

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