Three experts reveal their best tips: Here there are for investors what to get

to give Geopolitical risks versus convergence in the trade dispute, fear of recession versus the technologies of the future - for the new trading year, it appe

Three experts reveal their best tips: Here there are for investors what to get
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Geopolitical risks versus convergence in the trade dispute, fear of recession versus the technologies of the future - for the new trading year, it appears as many opportunities as risks for investors. For sure, just seems to be: Because of the low interest rates, the shares remain a Must-have for investors who do not want to see your assets melt away.

But which shares need to be? ETFs are still a good choice or the time for a single title? Which sectors should avoid investors, which are looking for? Four experts reveal which sectors the Fund, and shares will be worth in 2020.

The Frank Wieser, managing Director of the PMP recommends that the management of assets in the Düsseldorf

"in 2020, investors need on the equity side, exactly two actively managed funds: The MfS Prudent Capital (WKN: A2ANEA) and the Fund "New Silk Road" of Amundi (ISIN: LU1941681287). MFS Meridian Funds Prudent Capital Fund - A1 USD ACC 12,44 USD -0,01 (-0,08%) OTC

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What is behind the two funds? The MfS Prudent Capital is an actively managed Fund that focuses on a concentrated portfolio of stocks with the highest quality. At the same time, the Fund Put options as a hedge against, so you "invested with the handbrake on". You can get an international stock returns with hedge-to-bottom. The Fund Manager must therefore select the right quality of stock, and a good sense for weakness phases. In the past, this is well managed, the 3-year and 5-year Performance convinced. For investors who wants to invest in the stock market or a higher security need to have is the funds worth Considering.

Amundi has launched the "New Silk Road" of a Fund, the Chinese economy power with infrastructure issues associated with it. The New silk road includes 1700 of the infrastructure projects, which includes 62 percent of the world's population and 40 percent of the world's gross national product. As a long-term investor, you must be quasi, and the return opportunities for such a project are simply too great. Amundi has made the project ,investable'. Important: It is intended for investors with a long investment horizon, but it is also clear that not all projects will be implemented. The investor must therefore be able to wait, but the high return prospects." With Stock Selection in Europe, you will achieve excess Returns with System! (Partner offer) Now 30 days free of charge test!

The Uwe Eilers, member of the Board of the FV Frankfurt asset AG, Königstein

recommends", The world economy will move in 2020 to a more moderate pace of growth. Regardless of the cyclical development it is possible to recommend values, the benefit of a Wealth of new developments, such as Autonomous Driving, electro mobility, 5G, KI, and so on. In the technology sector, we do not rely on the direct user (i.e., the FAANG-shares), but on those companies that manufacture the necessary key technologies.

there are different classes within the technology sector, fall into this category. An example of companies in the field of Electronic Design Automation, with a focus on the Design of the Chips. To this end, Synopsys, Cadence, and the Lattice count, for example. It is also interesting to companies that manufacture components on the Basis of the new Compound semiconductor gallium nitride are. To this end, American manufacturers such as Qorvo, but also Infineon, Aixtron and Soitec count. Infineon 20,34 EUR -0,09 (-0,42%) Xetra

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another topic of Cybersecurity. There are a variety of companies, and represents this segment at the best with ETFs, passive index funds. We also recommend investments in medical technology, since the companies in this sector is very stable and growing income. Currently Germany is the leader, the third Nation, behind the USA and Japan. As an addition to the Portfolio, the investor should think in selected shares in the industry. Siemens provides, inter alia, on the basis of a broad lineup and high dividend yield. Also interesting is SKF in Sweden, because it is innovative and inexpensive. Siemens 117,52 EUR -0,62 (-0,52%) Xetra

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share in these areas by a clear growth market, a high barrier to market entry, as well as a low dependence on regulatory uncertainties. Just a few FAANG-shares suffer from a more difficult regulatory environment." You make more of your money!

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The recommends Helge Müller, Chief Investment Officer at Genève Invest

"Our General assessment for the markets in 2020 is that there are a number of geopolitical risks, mainly due to populist governments in many countries. At the same time, according to our assessment, the pessimism much too large in terms of economic development. Many have fed into their Deliberations a recession, which will not take place according to our estimates, in 2020.

The markets will remain volatile and there are chances by selective Picking of stocks and bonds, we would prefer a broad ETF investment. This we see opportunities in non-cyclical growth areas, which will develop in a weaker economic positive, such as, for example, the health sector, technology companies with a strong market positioning or well-established trading company with a strong presence on the web. Here are four specific investment ideas:

Edwards: The company has invented in the sixties of the heart valve, and doors in the area of the artificial heart is the world leader. The company benefits from an increasingly elderly population, improved life expectancy and the fact that many older people are ready for improved health is to spend money. The company has grown in the last ten years, 15 percent per year in sales and profit, and we expect that this development will in the next few years.

MSCI: Here we do not mean an ETF based on an MSCI Index, but the company that holds the licence to the MSCI Indices. The company is benefiting from the massive growth of ETFs and the volume of investment overall. We expect that this growth will continue, as MSCI of each ETF that tracks an MSCI Index, it receives a hefty license fee. MSCI Inc. A 233,30 EUR -0.60 (-0,26%) Tradegate

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Idorsia: The company is an offshoot of the Swiss Biotech company Actelion, which had been sold for more than $ 30 billion to Johnson & Johnson. The not ready developed medications have been outsourced to an agreement in a new society. Currently, four drugs are in the third clinical Phase. Several important results for 2020 are. Since the results from the second clinical Phase were very positive, we expect this is the title of a news Empire in the year 2020, with some reports of success, which should give the share price significantly delayed.

Yum-Brands-bond: Yum Brand is one of the world's leading Fast-Food chain to the Taco Bell, KFC and Pizza Hut. The company has a non-cancellable bond in dollars with a return on the Basis of the current price level of 5.6 percent. Here, investors can secure a stable Cash Flow in dollars over almost two decades. In addition, we expect to see further interest rate cuts in the United States held that the bond will increase by the rate value. In this way, investors have both an attractive income and price appreciation potential."

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