Time hit with killing Soleimanis: US attack on the second high-ranking commander to fail

The most Important points in brief: In a rocket attack near the Baghdad airport, one of the highest Iranian military, General Ghassem Soleimani, has been killed

Time hit with killing Soleimanis: US attack on the second high-ranking commander to fail

The most Important points in brief: In a rocket attack near the Baghdad airport, one of the highest Iranian military, General Ghassem Soleimani, has been killed. The United States took over, a little later, the responsibility for the attack, which killed at least eight people. The Iranian leader, Ali Khamenei, had threatened the US in a reaction of violent retaliation - is a few days later, the Iran missile fired at U.S. bases in Iraq.

the United States should have tried to turn off other military officers to kill

20.06 clock: The USA should have been tried in the same night that they launched an Operation that killed later, the Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, also, another high-ranking member of the Iranian military. The CNN reported in appeal two on the inside.

The "Washington Post" according to the strictly confidential Operation, a commander of the Iranian Al-Quds to have been considered brigades, which had led Soleimani. Accordingly, Abdul Resa Schahlaei in the case of the Al-Quds brigades is responsible for Finance. The Al-Quds brigades belong to the revolutionary guards (IRGC), an elite unit of the Iranian armed forces.

The attacks on Soleimani and Schahlaei to have been arranged in the "Washington Post" that in about the same time. Since the Operation against Schahlaei have not led to the desired success, have not given the US government this, the paper continues. Neither the U.S. Department of defense or the Ministry of foreign Affairs, the White house would want to comment on the Operation.

Trump wants new nuclear deal with Iran

19.26 PM : Iran's special envoy at the U.S. state Department, Brian Hook, has reiterated the readiness to talk in Washington in the Iran conflict. US President, Donald Trump had again opened the door for the diplomacy, said Hook on Friday in Brussels. Trump wants to reach a new nuclear agreement with Iran, in order to overcome the differences between the two countries. "And we invite Iran to do the same and to meet our diplomacy with military force."

The United States had denounced the laboriously negotiated international nuclear agreement to prevent a nuclear bomb of Iran to 2018 one-sided split. The tensions between the two countries increased more and more. Trump had criticized the existing agreement on Thursday again, and by the "nuclear deal that did not work" is spoken.

Kiev all crash want more versions to investigate

18.22 PM: Two days after the crash of a Ukrainian passenger plane near Tehran, the government wants to investigate in Kiev on all the possible versions. "We are not ready to consider at the moment any conclusions," said the Ukrainian foreign Minister Vadim Pristaiko on Friday in Kiev. Previously, the United States, Canada, and the UK had raised the allegations that the machine had been shot down by Iran is likely.

investigators from the Ukraine had, in the meantime get access to the Flight recorders, said the foreign Minister. Where these are evaluated, it is not decided yet. Similarly, about 50 Ukrainian investigators had been given access to the crash site and debris. You would soon be evaluating the conversations between the crew and the flight line. The Ukrainian experts worked together with the Iranian authorities, said Pristaiko. "The Iranian side is cooperating fully."

foreign Minister Pristaiko said that Kiev had received secret information from foreign intelligence services to the flight disaster. Details, he did not call, however. Ukrainian experts would now monitor the removal of the wreckage of the crashed near the airport of Tehran. The local Ukrainian investigators could not confirm on the Internet widespread allegations that the debris would be eliminated parts with bulldozers, said the Ukrainian chief diplomat.

United States to impose Iranian attacks new sanctions against Tehran

top news (16.52 PM): According to the Iranian attacks on U.S. troops in Iraq, the US further economic sanctions against Tehran imposed. The US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo and Minister of Finance Steven Mnuchin announced on Friday in Washington.

To Canada and the United Kingdom also, the USA is now officially a launch of the Ukrainian passenger plane by Iran. "We believe that it is probable that this aircraft was shot down by an Iranian missile," said US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo. Pompeo, however, stressed the need to wait for the investigation.

Stoltenberg : scenario of aircraft-launch credible

1643: , Nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg supports the assumption that Iran had shot down in Tehran crashed passenger plane. There is no reason not to believe the Reports of several Nato partners, - said Stoltenberg on Friday on the sidelines of a special meeting of EU foreign Ministers in Brussels. Now, there is a need for thorough investigations. For this, it is particularly important that Iran is involved in the investigations.

No troops withdrawal from Iraq

16.15 : The US state Department is not planning a withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, according to a new message. Therefore, we feel the fight against the IS, and the protection of Americans, Iraqis and the coalition partners in the Region required.

CDU General Secretary Ziemiak calls for sanctions against Iran

16.00: Still, the cause of the crash of Ukrainian passenger plane is not cleared. Should confirm that the machine was shot down, the pull from the point of view of the CDU General Secretary Paul Ziemiak consequences. "I am firmly convinced that such an Act, if it is true that Iran has shot down this plane, to which everything now points to, not without consequences can stay," said Ziemiak in an Interview with the "image". Iran must feel that the international community won't tolerate such behavior.

"There is a whole spectrum of sanctions we can impose, both as a community of States of the European Union or with the international community," Ziemiak more. However, he would make no concrete proposals on possible sanctions measures, because "Iran must reckon with all the sanctions." But: "This terrorist Regime, the terrorist also supported throughout the Region and the world, needs to feel the consequences of his actions."

Netherlands: Downing of plane by Iran , probably,

15.30 : The Netherlands consider it plausible that Iran is for the crash of the Tehran downed Ukrainian passenger plane responsible. "It is actually very likely that the plane was shot down by Iranian missiles," said the Dutch foreign Minister Stef Blok in Brussels on Friday.

Now it was important that an independent investigation will show what exactly happened. At the same time, Blok called on Iran and the United States for restraint. It was important that both sides contribute to de-escalation. Especially Iran was criticized for his negative role in the Region.

A plane of Ukraine International Airlines, with 176 people aboard crashed Wednesday shortly after takeoff in Tehran. No one survived. The governments in Canada and the United Kingdom have according to his own information, according to which an accidental missile attack by Iran is the cause of the crash.

The situation in the Middle East is extremely tense. The United States had killed last week, the Iranian General Ghassem Soleimani specifically, Iran has responded with a vengeance. Shortly after the act of revenge, the plane crashed in Tehran.

Lufthansa cancelling as a precautionary measure, flights to Tehran

16.59 PM: Meanwhile, Lufthansa has announced that up to 20. January to cancel all flights to Tehran. The company said in a statement. The reason is the unclear security situation for the airspace around the airport of the Iranian capital, the company said on Friday.

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