Tips from Tesla CEO Musk: How to get more out of Your working day

Elon Musk rocks currently, no less than three Chef-Jobs: While he is trying to make Tesla a heavy weight in the international car market, conquered it with Spac

Tips from Tesla CEO Musk: How to get more out of Your working day

Elon Musk rocks currently, no less than three Chef-Jobs: While he is trying to make Tesla a heavy weight in the international car market, conquered it with SpaceX, the space and the tunnel with the Boring Company whole tracts of land for his Hyperloop routes.

Elon Musk considers employees to be more productive in

to manage this, has imposed on the founder of several productivity rules. He is not informed of a time with Tesla employees, as it was the car maker still as good as it currently and, especially, the production was lame. For years, it was not possible to Tesla to have the desired 5,000 cars in the week from the Band's run. Last October, the electric car maker reached a Rate of 7,000 cars. Tesla 603,40 EUR -56,70 (-8,59%) Xetra

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tips have helped To the rate of data

How much of Musks here, is not measurable. You are likely to not have hurt. Best of all, you are not limited to, the Tesla or the car industry, but can also be used in other areas apply. Here Musks are the rules:

1. You say large Meetings

"Proliferation of Meeting, the plague of large companies are," writes Musk. "Please go out from all of the major Meetings, except are you sure, that you something valuable you can contribute to the entire audience. And, in the case of hold short.“

2. No regular Meetings

"also Avoids all regular Meetings, unless it is an urgent matter. The number of Meetings should be reduced to the solution of the matter clearly.“

3. You leave a Meeting, if you have nothing

"can contribute to call from skin immediately from a Meeting, or a group, if you can obviously contribute nothing. Way to go, is not unfriendly. Rude is forcing anyone to Stay and waste his time.“

4. Avoid jargon

"do not Use abbreviations or nonsensical words for things, Software, or processes at Tesla. As a General rule: Everything that is a statement of required, prevents communication. We don't want people to have to learn a Glossary of terms to memorize, just to get Tesla to work.“

5. You communicate directly, independent of the hierarchy

"communication should always take the shortest path that is necessary to do a Job, and not through any 'chain of command'. Any Manager who wants to establish such a chain, will have to find a new Job quickly.“

This point is Musk so important that he is executing him of all his advice at the longest: "Poor communication between departments is a major source of problems. The solution is to allow free communication between all levels. If someone from a Department with his Manager talk to must, the with a Director, a member of the management Board, with another Board member, a Director, a Manager and someone at the end of the work, then it will be mega-stupid things happen. It must be possible that two employees can talk directly to each other and simply do everything right.“

6. Stick to logic, not to rules of

"As a rule of thumb: Healthy people should take mind you. If it's obviously moronic to follow a 'corporate rule', because Dilbert has a super Cartoon would, then we must change the rule."

the future looks bright for Tesla

The rules have paid off for Musk and Tesla. In the past twelve months, the share price rose by 176 percent. Last two quarters have been profitable, although for the year as a whole in 2019, still a Minus of about 862 million dollars in bottom line is.

in 2020, this should change: The Gigafactory in Shanghai began in January with the production of the Model 3 for the Chinese market. And also, if the Coronavirus epidemic comes to an untimely, to the production already at 1,000 cars a week.

For the total year 2020, analysts expect, therefore, also for the first time, with a profit of $ 730 million. Sales are expected to rise to about 32.4 billion dollars. This is still a relatively low value: the BMW is the smallest of the German car maker was last year, for example, at 108 billion dollars.

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