Titanic as a Tesla and the Giga factory residents crazy questions

"Titanic telephone Terror", is a popular Format of the satire magazine "Titanic". The editorial calls the alleged authority of innocent citizens and tries t

Titanic as a Tesla and the Giga factory residents crazy questions

"Titanic telephone Terror", is a popular Format of the satire magazine "Titanic". The editorial calls the alleged authority of innocent citizens and tries to entice these amusing statements.

In the March issue have spun the satirist of the "telephone Terror" a little further: What could be better than to entertain on the occasion of the controversial discussion about the planned Tesla Gigafactory in green Heath, with the residents of the Brandenburg place?

The U.S. electric car maker Tesla wants to stomp in green Heath is a Gigafactory off the ground, in the summer of 2021, the Model Y is to be produced. The blueprints have lots of whirled up dust: the citizens protested against the necessary felling of a Pine plantation, or had to fear for their water supply. To lawsuits by environmentalists such as the Green League came. Until Thursday, the objections were against the construction put forward. Around 270 of the Ministry of the environment was one of just a few hours before the deadline. It seems that Tesla is making itself popular in Brandenburg.

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"Tesla telephone Terror" brings tap out amusing answers

time for the Titanic-editorial, in "Tesla telephone Terror" as a "Tesla Europe-Frankfurt office" more or less careful how much pleasure has green Heath on the Gigafactory, in General, and a visit to Elon Musk, in Particular, and whether you would be generally willing to place in a "Tesla-Town" to rename. Greenpeace Energy (display)

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First of all, on the phone: Mrs D. you can quite quickly from the project Tesla factory to convince - after all, it promises to solve the doctors shortage in the city by relocating in the case of Tesla, a dentist. In addition, it advertises them directly as a Model - Ms. D. feels flattered to be in a photo campaign, "Tesla welcome" in front of the camera. And, of course, it is a Light for "Mr bolt from the Tesla Europe, based in Frankfurt" - Mrs D. for the SpaceX rocket to inspire the start in your own garden. And whether Mrs D. for advertising the Mr Musk once purposes would invite you for coffee? But sure: "Yes, it would have to be a bit warmer, then you could sit outside in the winter garden, where the flowers bloom a little bit."

"Tesla Town of"

time for "Mr bar" to entertain the residents. Mr. B. is rather indifferent with regard to the impact of the planned Gigafactory to his home. As the proposing to him, green Heath, in "Tesla-Town" rename - "double-T, you understand?", Mr. B. is immediately on Board - only his phone number should not change.

"Mr. bar" turns next to the local swimming pool. The management Mrs. N. is apparently a large Tesla-girlfriend. Frankly, she promises to "discounts of up to 40 percent" for the employees of the E-car manufacturer. And, of course, it is in principle also conceivable to cool outside of the opening Hours of the batteries the company in the basin, however, it is to inform please of the in-house technician to. As Titanic breaks: "The weigh 75 to 100 pounds, we would have to leave with a hoist into the pool", remains Mrs n relaxed: "Yeah,okay."

Nikola Tesla on green Heath-visit to

Mr. C. is even voted in a more positive light: "I say: Here in green Heath, 80 percent are for it, others are idiots." Well, with their opinion behind the mountain to keep the residents not to do ever. Mr. C. is, however, not entirely uncritical: It should already work in the factory. As the caller tells him: "We will do the work, many of Poland", he is quickly in concern: "Since I have to drive them in the Parade. Many detractors worry that you do not wanting to work German." "Mr Riedel" remains in relation to Polish workers in a refreshingly honest: "This is not meant personally, they're just cheaper."

The blast, Mr Riedel highlights "" for the closing: call to librarian Mrs S.: "Now it is so: The Name of Tesla refers to Nikola Tesla, the famous inventor, and musician. And we now had the idea that we give the library a historical book, which proves that Nikola Tesla in the 19th century. Century green visits Heath." Ms. S.: "That sounds good." But "Mr. Riedel," is a honest skin so he admits: "Yes! So, that's not true, of course. The was not really there. But this is made so complicated, that the book looks old. To this end, we give an 'old' doctored photo to see the Tesla, then, as he walked through the green Heath. You could then issue." Mrs. S. remains cautious: "What am I supposed to say to that now that I'm an honest person? But the book is good, that sounds interesting." Unfortunately, Mrs S., I hold a chief officer about himself.

Grünheide in the mood for the Tesla factory

The "Tesla telephone Terror" proves it clearly: green Heather feel like Elon Musk and his Gigafactory, the couple of hundred objections or not. In addition, the construction is designed virtually in advance: after all, Nikola Tesla was already in the 19th century. Century in the place - at least if the woman can convince the Director-General - if it's not a sign...

current status: The construction of Tesla's Gigafactory in Grünheide

From the summer of 2021 should be made in grünheide, near Berlin, Tesla electric cars. The approval procedure. Critics of the billion project were able to report until Thursday to word. The opposition is now seen and classified by subject in preparation for the public hearing on may 18. March in Erkner. The right to speak, there is but only for the citizens, or associations, who had reported accordingly.

is expected by the end of the month, with the first cut of the spade. A date is not yet known. The final approvals will then be available in the summer. Until then, Tesla is at your own risk. By the middle of next year, the company wants to build 500,000 electric vehicles, of the types of Model 3 and Y, as well as future models.

Brandenburg's Minister of Economics Jörg Steinbach (SPD) expected that it will come after the final approval, even with complaining to complain. From his point of view, the probability is 90 percent that the factory comes. Tesla have already invested too much in the project, he said.

A majority of Brandenburg in favour of a survey, according to the settlement. 82 percent would be for the planned factory for electric cars, as a Forsa-survey on behalf of the "märkische Allgemeine". Only 15 per cent are in favour, therefore, against it.

The majority also reported that the US-companies in the Region Grünheide and Brandenburg will economically do well: 62 percent believe that Brandenburg "benefited very much", 32% believe that the Region and country "etwas2 benefit of the company. For the procedure of several environmental groups that had stopped the clearing of the forest on the Tesla property temporarily, showed only 34 percent understanding.

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