Traffic turning in Hamburg: Ride with the green wave

The Hamburg Greens have failed to achieve their goal in the Expansion of the Cycling and double it for the upcoming legislative session. directly next to a qu

Traffic turning in Hamburg: Ride with the green wave

The Hamburg Greens have failed to achieve their goal in the Expansion of the Cycling and double it for the upcoming legislative session.

directly next to a queue of cars, then a bike path: Cycling in Hamburg adventure can be photo: Jannis Large

The Hamburg-based Green drag with the issue of traffic turning in the Citizenship campaign. A concept for the Bicycle city with some of the original ideas and big ambitions, as well as a city centre concept, which provides for a low-car City with traffic-calmed Neighbourhoods and the like is reduced is discussed as a car-free downtown.

of The slope to shorten the public debate was just for excitement. "Hamburg's second mayor, using a completely car-free city centre," was the headline of the NDR on Wednesday on its Website. A completely car-free city centre was "misleading and does not work so easy," said Hamburg's Second mayor, Katharina Fegebank (Green) during a two-hour debate in the chamber of Commerce and the colleague, as it should be, made a headline out of it.

back Twitching, the Hamburg-based Green so, to compromise out of fear of your Chance to become a majority party? They are less ambitious than Oslo, which is supposedly a car-free city centre? Not at all, because what are planning to the Green for Hamburg, is very similar to the concept of the Norwegian capital. It comes to individual quarters in the city centre, where the quality of life should be improved by reducing car traffic – is by no means the whole of the city centre.

In Oslo, the speech is from 1.2 to two square kilometers, the traffic should be calmed. For comparison: in Hamburg's outer Alster lake is 1.6 square kilometers in size. The districts that want to put the Green still, should be a total of a half square kilometers in size.

your Statement was based on the people's initiative, "climate change now", the citizenship last week signatures for a completely car-free city centre within the former wall ring (see map) presented. This is the Green too far. "Our proposal is not already a majority," said Fegebank in front of the press. The idea of the Initiative is to draw with a pen a much larger circle, is counterproductive.

The Green approach is, however, a step-by-step and Try. You do Ottensen in small pieces structured the district, where they have made a couple of roads trying car-free. You do the behind the Hamburg city hall, right in front of the chamber of Commerce, where the amazing positive was recorded. And you want to drive in consultation with the Concerned further.

you will be Supported by a recent survey commissioned by the NDR, in which 67 percent of respondents were in favour of "car-free inner city areas".

As their coalition partner, the SPD, the Greens don't put a shift in Traffic with the crowbar, but one that makes tempting offers. Most clearly shows the bike traffic, to be presented to the the Green on Thursday their goals. Had you rubbed the CDU just under the nose that you are retarded in the past five years, behind its targets.

between 32 and 44 kilometres of Cycling facilities were constructed in the years 2015 to 2019, respectively, renovated, and dedicated. As a target, the red-green coalition of 50 kilometres a year, had set. The output volume depends on various factors, said the Senate of the CDU: the site co-ordination, resources in the district offices, planning offices and construction companies as well as public participation procedures.

Green party leader, Anjes Tjarks said: "We first had to create the structures." Red-Green had to fill the newly created Position of Cycling coordinator for the first time and then an Alliance for Cycling can forge. However, the completion of figures on the legislature, not steadily increasing Trend.

What is managed in the legislature only partially, the promise of a Green in the coming period all the more ambitious to tackle. 100 kilometres of Cycling facilities per year will be built, renovated, and dedicated. Hamburg could spend more money for Cycling, says the transport policy spokesman of the Green parliamentary group, Martin, Bill.

subject to The investment in Cycling per head and year, today at eleven euros. "The other Bicycle cities from 40 euros per head," says Bill with a view to role models such as Copenhagen. To build bike paths to be build a lot cheaper than roads or subways to. "The building Bicycle paths," said Bill, " is a very cost-efficient way to improve the infrastructure."

81 percent of the Hamburger make Cycling fun, 73 percent said it will increase the quality of life. It is the view of the Green build. The Cycling would have to be "fast, easy and convenient," said the Second mayor Fegebank.

Specifically, the Greens propose Bicycle comfort network, where you can be less annoying stops along the way. Smart signs is to indicate to cyclists, whether you need to speed up or slow down to Green at the next traffic light to arrive.

There should be more structurally separated Bicycle tracks, fast cycle routes should be designed into the countryside, well-signposted cycle routes, the four-Meter-wide bike roads. In front of every tenement house there shall be safe and protected Parking facilities and the Bicycle network should be more dense. Some of them have promised the Greens before the last election.

Updated Date: 24 January 2020, 15:00

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