UFO Union against Lufthansa's daughters: The new year's eve strike

Germanwings wants to come, contrary to the trade Union UFO. But the rejects the arbitration offer as a "game" immediately. flight attendant*a strike by the

UFO Union against Lufthansa's daughters: The new year's eve strike

Germanwings wants to come, contrary to the trade Union UFO. But the rejects the arbitration offer as a "game" immediately.

flight attendant*a strike by the UFO in Cologne in 2016 photo: Oliver Berg/dpa

FRANKFURT/MAIN afp | Shortly before the three-day strike threatened the flight attendants ' Union UFO has exacerbated the dispute with the Lufthansa subsidiaries Germanwings and Eurowings more. The Union rejected on Saturday a mediation offer from Germanwings immediately, and the group accused management of misleading "game". Eurowings, which is involved with Germanwings-aircraft part of its flights, alleged UFO a ruthless "power politics on the backs of customers and employees".

Germanwings's trying to draw with "trite phrases" and "game" the impression that the company meet the demands of the cabin crew, wrote the tariff Commission to the conciliation offer. But this was not the case.

Who's it was called the Germanwings message, carefully read, see, "that you do not want us to press our negotiated collective agreement, but the provisions of the Lufthansa in the eye", in the Letter to the cabin crew. The parent company Lufthansa but I have limited in less part time opportunities than Germanwings, some models are only the other could not be combined.

The offer of a mediation on all outstanding collective bargaining issues with the Union representatives rejected an attempt by the group's management to force the workers in the peace obligation. In addition, Germanwings managing Director Francesco Sciortino attempts "to put up with really ugly rhetoric", the cabin staff "under pressure".

Sciortino had linked his arbitration deal with the question: "do we Want to burden really passionate Service staff between Christmas and new year with the question of whether you want to let your passengers in a very important vacation phase like that?" Large parts of the workforce were "stunned" about the strike call.

explained to The Union representatives, Germanwings had been informed on Saturday on the phone again, "what it takes to strike nor the right to cancel". UFO've come up with "clear demands" and would negotiate "to the Emergency" also on Sunday, highlighted the Union. To this offer, Germanwings did not react but. In the face of the approach to corporate governance is to be feared with regard to the strikes, "that three days will still be long enough."

UFO had called on Friday to go on strike from Monday 00: 00 to Wednesday 24: 00. On the strike days a Special timetable will apply. The number of dropouts flights did not want to comment on a Lufthansa spokeswoman on Saturday. This fixed until the work stoppage is final, she said.

Lufthansa subsidiary Germanwings completed their flights in the order of the second largest German airline Eurowings. With 30 out of a total of 140 Eurowings aircraft a good 20 percent of the Eurowings flight operations denies Germanwings, according to their own information.

Eurowings criticised the ' no ' of the trade Union to a conciliation Board. The call for a strike by UFO was "totally incomprehensible and disproportionate", the company said in Munich. The Union turning against the part-time collective agreement with Germanwings, although the company is applying in arbitration, jointly developed part-time models for about a year. To further tariff issues Germanwings "in ongoing constructive exchange" with a UFO.

That the Union "regardless of the ongoing negotiations" re-strike calls that show "how ruthless they discharged their power-politics on the backs of customers and employees," criticised the Euro wings. "A strike at this time is inappropriate and is based only on the forward strike justifications".

aviation expert Heinrich large bongardt of the company's management agreed. "The UFO strike is not plausible in the current Situation, in the middle of the arbitration process at all," he told the Rheinische Post.

Behind the struggles of UFO a bitter dispute between the flight attendants ' Union and Lufthansa: The group questioned the power of representation of the UFO cabin personnel and provides for the "Union property" cleared. The strikes, he holds, therefore, unlawful. According to UFO it comes to salary increases, pensions and part-time working arrangements in the Lufthansa daughters.

Date Of Update: 29 December 2019, 12:00

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