Uncomfortable prospects: millions of pensioners before crucial year

at The turn of the year, the statutory pension scheme is because of the good employment situation is very stable, with a Surplus of more than 2 billion euros at

Uncomfortable prospects: millions of pensioners before crucial year

at The turn of the year, the statutory pension scheme is because of the good employment situation is very stable, with a Surplus of more than 2 billion euros at the end of the financial year 2019. If it would have been otherwise, could even be the contribution rate in 2020 from 18.6 to 18.3 percent. First of all, the positive messages outweigh: The rosy financial position for the benefit of the approximately 21 million people. PDF Everything you need to know about your pension

Our PDF guide explains on 100 pages the answers to all the important questions around the topic of retirement. Plus 58 Pages Of Forms.

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pension increase:

1. July 2020, the pensions in West Germany is expected to grow by 3.15 per cent and in the East by 3.92 per cent - so, for example, by a whopping 31.50 euros for a monthly pension of 1000 Euro from the Western posts. Exactly you know it but only in the spring, it could also be something less. About 51,000 pensioners have to pay first taxes.

Due for the tax if the total income of a pensioner on the basic free amount (2020: 9408 Euro). Almost one out of every four pension will be taxable.

your basic pension:

the start of The year to come which is currently the largest pension political project of the government on the way. It is expected that the Minister of labour, Hubertus Heil (SPD) pours the coalition compromise on the basic pension in the form of legislation. 1.2 to 1.5 million pensioners with small covers to get a premium, if you have 35 years of contributions.

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Previous cost estimates suggest that the premium could be at an average of slightly more than 80 euros per month. Open is how the proposed income test mastered should be. The full pension Supplement is to flow, if the monthly income is living Alone is not about 1250, in pairs, about 1950 Euro. Completely rebuilt electronic Transmission of the necessary income data from the tax authorities of the pension plan must be well.

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Today, freelancers are often the social event. Regardless of whether operators of small shops, a courier driver or writer of the product descriptions in the home office comes out a little in, you can make provisions a little bit. A total of are not hedged by the approximately four million self-employed about three million.

healing wants you to commit, in the pension Fund, or otherwise avert it. Many questions are still open: What are the Alternatives to be permitted on the field of the pension schemes and Private pensions? Who, exactly, should relate to the obligation to take out insurance? Verdi chief Frank Werneke warns: "Only the future self-employed or start-UPS included, would not resolve the supply deficits in many of the self-employed with little income." He argues that all involve, to draw in the process, but an age limit. Because: "Older self-employed have mostly no Chance, also have entitlements to build." And: it is also the Principal of the self-employed should. PDF pension with 63: How does it work? Our PDF guide shows you how you can retire early can go and still have the full amount received.To the PDF guide

Uncomfortable prospects:

these are all relatively small problems. If the go today, mid-fifties, to Mittsechziger in pension, tearing great gaps in the pension Fund. Your Generation is on average more children arm, their pensions are, due to their high productivity, often high - as well as the life expectancy and thus the duration of the incapacity.

According to official forecasts, is expected by 2035, with a gradual increase in the contribution rate have to 22.3 percent. The pension level is the ratio of the pension to the wage, is expected to fall to the then-currently of 48.2 to 44.1 percent. Employer President Ingo Kramer says: "If fewer and fewer young people paying in for more and more Elderly into the pension insurance, then the most important thing is to keep the working population at a high level, also by skilled workers immigration."

reform perspectives:

Until March, the independent pension Commission, the government should make suggestions. For DGB-Chef Reiner Hoffmann is now the Central question: "if the pension Commission is a really tough concept for the next decades to present?" Kramer looks at longer Work in the medium term, as appropriate: "If we live longer and also be healthy, you will probably have to think at some point about whether we are living not having to work in Relation to the Overall longer."

The trade unions reject the. "We still have a lot to many people, which is not healthy until retirement age, can go through working life, but with the 55, 57 or 60 incapacitated and exhausted," says Hoffmann. Other ways to stabilize the pension Fund: Other control billion - but 2020 more than 100 billion euros for the pension Fund. Or higher contributions? Or more private Pension provision? Finally, the CDU has decided on its party Congress in Leipzig that, in the future, "if possible, every employee, and make additional provisions in" operation should be able to.

pensions from 2010 to 2018 risen more than prices

After all, that is: pensions in Germany increased between the years 2010 and 2018, on average, stronger than the prices in the country. The editorial network Germany (RND/Tuesday) reported, citing data of the Federal Ministry of labour and pension insurance, which were evaluated by the Left-politician Sabine Zimmermann. The average number of the amount of the statutory old-age pensions have increased in this time, therefore, to 22.4 percent, from 740 Euro per month (2010) to 906 euros per month (2018). The price level climbed, according to the Ministry of labour at the same time, 11.4 percent.

In the first decade of the century was, according to the contrary. Between 2000 and 2010, the amount of old-age pensions rose by six per cent, the prices, however, rose by 16.6 per cent. Considering the entire period from 2000 to 2018, both values are approximately equal: the increase in the average number of the amount at 30 per cent, of the price level at 29.9 percent.

"There is definitely no reason for the Federal government, the greater pension increases of recent years to rest. These were no political merit, but only the strong stimulus due to," said the social expert carpenter of the RND. The state pension needs to be strengthened, inter alia by raising the retirement level to 53 percent, she said. Reduction factors should be deleted, also, the pension to be abolished from 67.

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