Urgently required: the New master plan is expected to attract tens of thousands of skilled workers to Germany

"Make it in Germany." This is the Slogan that Germany is in support of foreign specialists. On an Internet portal, there is a job Board and information about

Urgently required: the New master plan is expected to attract tens of thousands of skilled workers to Germany

"Make it in Germany." This is the Slogan that Germany is in support of foreign specialists. On an Internet portal, there is a job Board and information about language courses. It is referred to the good quality of education and health system, political stability, and international comparison of short working hours with lots of vacation and holidays. Advertising is necessary: Because the Federal government sees Germany in the coming years in skilled workers from abroad instructed.

to increasingly come from countries outside the European Union. In order for this to work, and more skilled workers to come to Germany under the Federal government, the Länder governments, industry and unions signed at a summit on Monday a Memorandum of understanding to work closely together.

What it is

Germany, with other countries in the competition for skilled workers. That is why Germany had to come as a "open to the world, as a country interested over," says Merkel. The skilled workers immigration act, which occurs at the beginning of March, aims to help young qualified workers from Non-EU countries much easier and faster the way to Germany. "It is urgently necessary that we have such a law," said Merkel: "We are addressing the Problem." The new law should be a success.

Behind it a personnel strategy of the Federal government, which is based on three columns. For one, the availability of Skilled labour in the domestic to be used better. So the unemployed are to be qualified, in order to find a Job. And it also should go further immigration from EU countries. The government expects that immigration from the EU is decreasing - because these countries need their skilled workers themselves and also from the demographic change are concerned, so the aging of the population.

Therefore, now to be the "third pillar" is strengthened: the immigration of skilled workers from the so-called third countries, i.e. countries outside the EU. Internally in the Federal government that in the coming years, tens of thousands of skilled workers from Non-EU States is used.

In what Occupations there are shortages

The biggest bottlenecks according to the experts strategy the government is currently in Professions in the fields of mathematics, Informatics, natural science and technology – in addition, the construction, the Hotel and catering area, as well as health professionals are concerned. Specifically, it is about electrical technicians, metal workers, mechatronics technicians, cooks, the elderly, and nurses, computer scientists, and software developers.

For the economy of the shortage of skilled workers remains, in spite of a weaker economy, the greatest business risk, such as from a survey of the German chamber of Commerce and industry tags shows. For companies, this acts like a brake pad: you will not be able to accept jobs, because they have enough qualified people.

How and where specialists are enlisted

countries in which skilled workers recruited to, to, among others, Brazil, India, and Vietnam are to begin with. It is crucial that countries are interested in cooperation with Germany, and even allow workers to be recruited. This is the case, should improve the consultation of Interested parties abroad. In order for financial statements to be recognised, should there be qualifications. An important role in the foreign chambers of Commerce play. Especially important: offers already been abroad to learn English. Gregor Fischer/dpa top representatives of the German economy seats before the start of a summit to promote the recruitment of Skilled labour from third countries, together with members of the Cabinet and Angela Merkel (CDU, M), Federal Chancellor in the Federal Chancellery together

"The Recruitment of workers from third countries is hard work," Daniel said third stream, a member of the three-member Board of the Federal employment Agency. The recognition of vocational training and authorities. The Federal Agency attempts "to organize a fair and transparent mobility process". Not the people you want to get in abroad or in Germany, to the wrong people and being ripped off.

The Federal Agency is looking for, for years, with partners, specifically for labour abroad for the German market - such as the Philippines, Tunisia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. According to the Federal Agency 60,000 people from Non-EU countries came in the last year for professional reasons to Germany.

The visa-issue

the most sought-after professionals can't get far without a visa. The German missions abroad, the issue of the documents, prove to be but so far as a bottle neck on the way to Germany. The visa process should now be accelerated. In view of the sharp increase in demand had increased at affected locations, both in terms of personnel as well as spatially, according to the foreign office. "As a result, we were able to reduce the waiting times for qualified professionals in many of the missions drastically."

the Integration of immigrants: The old error

Foreign experts should be operational and integrated into society. So the company should help with the apartment search or the authorities. The trade unions are calling for an"open, non-discriminatory to each other".

mistakes of the past should not be repeated. "It was not wrong to integrate the so-called guest workers of the 1950s and 1960s to systematically", - said the integration Commissioner of the Federal government, Annette Widmann-Mauz, the Newspapers of the Funke media group. Ex-intelligence coordinator, called Merkel's reaction on Putin is a "disgrace for Germany", FOCUS Online/Wochit Ex-intelligence coordinator, called a Merkel's reaction on Putin is a "disgrace for Germany"

Date Of Update: 27 December 2019, 01:01

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