Using 1500 euros for the self-employed : how to apply for the month of may ?

USING AUTO ENTREPRENEUR COVID 19. Since the beginning of June, small businesses and self-employed can apply for the solidarity Fund in order to obtain aid, as t

Using 1500 euros for the self-employed : how to apply for the month of may ?

USING AUTO ENTREPRENEUR COVID 19. Since the beginning of June, small businesses and self-employed can apply for the solidarity Fund in order to obtain aid, as the result of losses in the month of may 2020. Find in our article all the conditions.

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[updated on may 15, 2020 at 09.40 am] You work in events or hospitality, and your backlog of summer is empty ? During the presentation of the strategy of déconfinement, Bruno Le Maire, has confirmed that the solidarity Fund will be kept until may 31, 2020 . Beyond this date, the only sectors will continue to benefit, such as hospitality. Thursday 14 may, the Prime minister has confirmed that the access to the solidarity fund will be extended to the tourism sector. "The solidarity fund will remain open for tourism companies until the end of the year 2020 ", he said. " access will be expanded to larger companies, those that have up to 20 employees and 2 million euros of turnover, ( ... ), and the assistance which can be paid to be able to go up to € 10,000 ".

The news comes as the fund has been extended as the result of losses in the month of may 2020. A decree has been published in the official Journal, Wednesday, may 13. This decree also confirmed a number of changes. Thus, the companies created in February 2020, which will meet the conditions set - will benefit from the support as the result of losses in the month of April. Same goes for " the officer who has seen less of 1 500 euros of retirement pension or subsistence allowance during the month in question" , one can read. "It opens the second component of the fund to the companies that have been the subject of a prohibition of reception of the public who do not have a salaried employee and have an annual turnover of more than 8 000 € ", says it in the preamble.

as a reminder, you can, and until may 31, seek assistance as the result of losses from April 2020. Only "artists-authors, the members of GAEC , as well as in the overseas collectivities and New Caledonia " have until Friday 15 may 2020 to make their request of march. For the month of may 2020, it will have to be patient to start the process. In fact, since the implementation of the device via the tax administration in march, it must wait for the end of the month.

Who can benefit from the help of 1500 euros ? The conditions

For the time being, the aid is reserved for small enterprises, OFWS, self-employed, freelancers and micro-entrepreneurs, and this, regardless of the tax regime or status. Here are the conditions related to the company that must be met :

headcount shall not exceed 10 employees . Your turnover must be less than a million euros Your annual income taxable (before taxes on the companies and appearing on the declaration 2065) must not exceed 60 000 € . Note : after the month of April, the conditions are changing. Taxable income "must not exceed eur 60 000 for companies in own name (120 000 euros if the spouse of the head of company is involved in the activity of the company, with the status of a co-working spouse)", it was specified in the latest version of the frequently asked questions published by tax. " For corporations, the ceiling of taxable income is 60,000 euros per partner and spouse employee ". The activity must have started before February 1, 2020 and it must not have been any declaration of suspension of payment before the 1 march 2020. Attention, since the decree published on may 13, 2020, the companies created in February 2020 are eligible for the fund . Attention, it is possible to receive financial aid for the month of march if you have been on sick leave or off work to care for your children, but subject to conditions. The decree n° 2020-371 of march 30, 2020 stated that the benefits of social Security received must not exceed 800 euros. It was not to be the holder of a contract of employment or a retirement pension. This decree was amended by decree n° 2020-552 may 12, 2020. Now, the solidarity fund is extended "from the loss of April, (...) [businesses] in which the officer has collected less than 1 500 €, pension or subsistence allowance during the month in question ".

You meet the criteria listed above ? It does not stop there. The administration requires compliance with conditions that are directly related to the health crisis. As a reminder, you must also fill out one of these two criteria :

Your company has been with a closure . This provision refers to the decree of march 15, 2020 supplementing the order of 14 march 2020. It will list all of the institutions that must bere closed, such as museums, restaurants and clubs, is found to be non-essential to the life of the Nation. You can find the complete list on the site in Or your company suffered a loss of turnover of over 50% compared to the turnover of reference (read more below) .

The companies in receivership can also benefit from the solidarity Fund. Same goes for the farmers gathered in groups.

note : has been notified by many readers that have been the subject of a closure, and anxious to see that they were still required to complete their sales by filling in the application form. They worried, therefore, necessarily have to fulfill the two criteria mentioned above. Asked by, the DGFIP reprécise that it is necessary to fill one or the other of these conditions. "If the applicant tick 'My enterprise is subject to a prohibition of reception of the public during the period', he has the right to support corresponds to the amount of the loss of its turnover. It should just fill out a CA of march, 2019 and his board of directors from march 2020 to ensure that the form calculates the differential which will correspond to his aid within the limit of€ 1500 ", we had detailed the DGFIP. " It is important to ensure you do not fill in the form 'My business has suffered a loss in turnover of more than 50 % over the period compared to the turnover of reference'. The firm is either in the category of "closed to the public" (amount of loss), either in the category of "loss of AC premium" (percentage of loss)".

How much for you ? Does it necessarily have 1500 euros ?

The solidarity Fund is composed of two floors. If you meet the above conditions, you can take advantage of the first floor, that is to say, " aid in an amount equal to the reported loss of turnover, within the limit of 1 500 € ". Are you wondering about the reference taken into account to determine your loss of revenue ? terms and conditions of sales have been revised for the losses of the month of April.

" We will take the last twelve month average , " said Bruno Le Maire. In the clear, you can compare sales in the month of April 2020, the average revenue monthly. A decree was published in the 16 April. It is indicated that the companies can compare "compared to the same period of the previous year ; or, if they wish, compared to the monthly average revenue for the year 2019 ; or, for companies established after 1 April 2019, compared to the monthly average revenue on the period between the date of establishment of the company and on February 29, 2020".

you summed up the reference of revenue that you're going to have to take for the month of April :

existing Businesses in the 01/04/2019 choice : sales in the month of April 2019 or monthly figure, through 2019 Companies created after the 01/04/2019 monthly average Revenue between the date of creation and the 29/02/2020 Entrepreneur who benefited from a leave of absence for illness, work accident or maternity in April 2019 monthly average Revenue between the 01/05/2019 and the 01/03/2020

are You wondering about the rules that apply to the losses of the month of march ? Here they are :

existing Businesses in the 01/03/2019 Sales in the month of march, 2019 Companies created after the 01/03/2019 monthly average Revenue between the date of creation and the 01/03/2020 Entrepreneur who benefited from a leave of absence for sickness, work accident or maternity in march 2019 monthly average Revenue between the 01/04/2019 and the 01/03/2020 How to make the request for the help of 1500 € to April 2020 ?

on this side, nothing changes : the steps remain the same. It should always make you on the site of taxes, and you connect to your personal space. next, Go to your secure e-mail. Click on "Write" and select the reason for contact " I request assistance to businesses that have been weakened by the epidemic Covid-19 ". A form should appear. Here are the steps which you must follow :

check the box certifying that you meet all the requirements, eight in total ; Enter the number of employees in CDD or CDI in your structure please Mention your contact details : last name, first name, quality (individual entrepreneur, company manager, accountant, employee, accountant, Other), telephone and e-mail. please Indicate the SIRET number and validate it. Select the period for which you want to get help : for the moment, there's only one (the 1st to the 31 march 2020). As explained earlier, it will have to wait for next Thursday, April 30, to launch the procedures for the month of April. Calculate the amount of your help : you must check one of the boxes "My company is the subject of a prohibition of reception of the public during the period" in or "My business has suffered a loss in turnover of more than 50 % over the period compared to the turnover of reference". As we had noticed several readers, you must indicate your turnover in 2019 and in 2020 over the period, regardless of the checkbox ticked in advance, and this, even for the losses of April 2020 . The administration will calculate the differential and, ultimately, the amount of assistance which you can claim. Specify the bank details of your company. please Specify if your "company had, as at 31 December 2019, in difficulty within the meaning of article 2 of regulation (EU) n° 651/2014 of the Commission of 17 June 2014". If yes, please complete the form of declaration of de minimis aid "as contained in appendix II of the circular of September 14, 2015, pages 17-19". check "I hereby certify that my company meets the conditions to benefit from this assistance, the accuracy of the information reported(...). article 441-6 of the penal code provides penalties of two years imprisonment and 30,000 euro fine for providing a false declaration with a view to obtaining from an administration or public body charged with a public service mission an allowance, a payment or benefit ".

is it possible to change the information on the application form later ?

Unfortunately, no. At the end of the form, the tax administration clarifies that once the form is validated, it will be final". "The changes to your application or any claims thereto for the period from January 1 to April 30, 2020 will not be possible", says one. Therefore, it is imperative that you be extremely thorough when filling out this document. You are always you find ? Be aware that it is possible to contact the taxes at 0 810 467 687 Monday to Friday from 8h30 to 17h00 (service 0,06 € per minute + the cost of a call). You can also contact the service des impôts des entreprises, which is in charge of your tax file.

What is the payment period ?

"The demand for aid will have to be realized by the cloud, the later April 30 [for the march] ", can we read in the decree. "The DGFIP will carry out first level controls and will provide prompt assistance to the applicant", one can read in the edited document by the services of Bercy. Interviewed in Le Figaro, Gérald Darmanin had indicated that l e payment was to be made "in three or four days" .

what is the help of the Region ? How do I apply ?

In a second time, some contractors may benefit from additional support in of 5 000 euros against 2 000 euros initially . You must meet the following conditions :

Have one employee Be unable to pay your debts within a period of 30 days Or your bank has refused a loan of cash.

"The amount of assistance is between 2 000 and 5 000 euros depending on the size and location of the company", one can read in the frequently asked questions published by tax administration. "This amount is a flat amount for all companies whose CA is less than € 200,000". Your turnover exceeds this amount ? Here's how the amount of aid is determined :

For a CA of between 200 000 and 600 000 euros : "the aid will compensate for the cash balance up to 3500 euros, with a minimum of £ 2000". For a turnover above € 600 000 : "the aid compensates for the cash balance up to 5000€, with a minimum of £ 2000".

The decree of may 12, 2020 which has somewhat altered the terms and conditions of this supplementary aid. It is now open "the companies that have been the subject of a prohibition of reception of the public who do not have a salaried employee and have an annual turnover of more than 8 000 € .

you should ask in the Region . A dedicated platform should be open by the latter. "In order that the services of the region to be able to review the request, the company will attach an estimate supported her impasse cash, a brief description of his situation, demonstrating the imminent risk of bankruptcy as well as the name of the bank where the enterprise is a customer having refused a loan of cash to a reasonable amount, the amount of the loan requested and his contact in the bank", it was specified. The add-in is paid, also, by the DGFIP.

What are the aids-related Covid-19 made by the Urssaf ?

On his page dedicated to the autoentrepreneurs, the Urssaf identify the various aids that you can avail if you are not eligible for the solidarity Fund. Here they are :

The exceptional financial assistance Covid-19 "social Action"

It allows to obtain an exceptional financial aid or in support of social security contributions personal", says one. Keep in mind that there are several conditions :

it is necessary "to have made at least one payment of social security contributions personal since its installation" to Be affiliated before January 1, 2020 to Be affected significantly by the measures of reduction or suspension activity" Be up to date with its social security contributions-personal at 31 December 2019 (or timing in progress) The independent activity must constitute the primary activity Have made at least a declaration of turnover is different from 0 prior to 31/12/2019.

You meet these conditions ? In this case, you must send your request through the secure messaging site Select the reason "time of payment". Remember to specify "social action" and "attach your application form (you have the option to attach 4 pieces, each up to 2 Mb)".

what is using the supplemental Plan of the independent (CPSTI ROI) ?

You are a craftsman, or merchant, in business on march 15, 2020, registered January 1, 2019, and you belong to the ROI ? You will receive an automatic a aid called "CPSTI RCI COVID-19". There is no approach to do, because the payment is done by the network of Urssaf. If you are a recipient, be aware that you will be notified by email. Remember to verify that your banking details are always accurate on the site The amount of this aid "corresponds to the amount of the contribution RCI paid in respect of 2018, without exceeding 1 € 250 ". The aid is not subject to tax or to a payment of contributions and social contributions.

so when can we benefit from the postponement of the deadlines ?

the minister of The Action and of the public accounts announced Monday : "the action of report of contributions and social contributions, as decided in the month of march and April, for all of the businesses who need it" are renewed for the month of may . "The deductions provided for in the 5 may and 20 may be automatically deferred for 1 028 000 self-employed workers wage", a-t-on said in a press release. "The deadline of 5 may for the 500,000 other self-employed persons paying on a quarterly basis of their contributions is also deferred. However, the self-employed who are able are called upon to resolve the contributions to be paid by bank transfer ; 565 000 micro-entrepreneurs will also be able to adjust their payment from may 31".

What support for health professions in liberal ?

A device support has been announced for the health professionals in liberal, via financial assistance "designed to offset the expenses of operation" professionals under contract, a-t-on said in a press release. "Health insurance will pay an economic differential, taking into account the income earned during the confinement period, and to cover the average level of fixed costs borne by each professional. This assistance will take of course into account any subsidies received by the professionals under other devices (e.g. partial unemployment for employees or use of the solidarity fund)". A deposit should be paid early may , "calculated on the basis of the information that the professionals will be able to learn online on the portal AmeliPro from Thursday April 30, 2020" .

Any device for farmers ?

The executive announced "the establishment of an allowance to finance the replacement of farmers prevented from working because of the epidemic of the coronavirus ", Thursday, April 30. It is for individuals to stay in their homes, "either because they are infected with the coronavirus is that they should keep a child under the age of 16 years or a child under the age of 18 years, in situation of handicap", one can read in a press release. "The allocation of replacement (...) comes to support these farmers by allowing the support of the cost of replacement on the farm in a ceiling of 112 euros per day. [It] will be paid, on proof, to the replacement service if the operator uses their service, or directly to the operator if it has conducted a direct recruitment" .

Date Of Update: 04 June 2020, 10:58