Vonovia benefited from higher rental income and foreign acquisitions, the share turns into Minus

in Addition, the Dax-listed company of its housing stock benefited from new buildings and roof increases, but also of his services in and around the buildings.

Vonovia benefited from higher rental income and foreign acquisitions, the share turns into Minus

in Addition, the Dax-listed company of its housing stock benefited from new buildings and roof increases, but also of his services in and around the buildings.

dividend should climb to the "solid" Numbers by nine percent to 1.57 euros

The operating result (FFO) growth in 2019 compared to last year by eight percent to 1.22 billion euros, as the company announced on Thursday in Bochum. Thus, the group exceeded slightly the upper end of this target. Growth of profits the shareholders are also to benefit. The dividend will rise, as planned, by 13 cents to 1.57 euros per share.

The indicators of the real estate group were, on the whole been solid, wrote Analyst Neil Green from the US Bank JPMorgan in a first evaluation. In addition, the positive Outlook to 2020, signaling that real estate investors should have this stock in the Portfolio. The price of the Vonovia share to last by 1.33 percent on 52,06 Euro. Vonovia 52,56 EUR -0,20 (-0,38%) Xetra

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want to increase In the current year Vonovia the operating result once again. The Board is targeting an FFO of around 1,275 to 1,325 billion euros. That would be a Plus of up to nine percent year-on-year.

rental income increased in 2019 with a more low vacancy rate of nearly 10 percent to just under 2.1 billion euros. The average rent increased to 6.93 euros per square meter - about six percent more than in 2018. In Germany, it also increased thanks to a better housing stock by 3.7 percent, to 6.79 euros per square meter.

Vonovia is investing billions in the modernization, new construction and maintenance

at the same time Vonovia stuck with almost two billion Euro and a good quarter more in modernization, new construction and maintenance than in the previous year. In 2019, the group introduced a total of 2,100 residential units, 1,200 of them in Germany. In the coming years, the group intends to expand its construction activities, and once again thousands of apartments to build. How well the group is progressing, and hanging much of the approvals, said CEO Rolf Buch.

For years, the shops for Vonovia run thanks to rising Rents in the big cities. The landlord benefits from the industry-particularly of modernized apartments. The costs for the corporations to not only put in part on the tenant, but can increase the Rent after that, even stronger.

With an eye to the protests of tenants due to strong rent increases announced by the book the end of 2018, a change of strategy. In the future, Vonovia is significantly less money in the energy-efficient renovation of German flats, about the insulation or replacing old Windows. Instead, the group takes more money for the new building and for the modernisation of apartments in Sweden in the Hand.

Rent control extended: against the wind for Vonovia and co. p holds of <> against The wind for the large residential real estate corporations in Germany, the sharper. Only recently, the German Bundestag extended in view of the continuing shortage of housing is the Rent control for five years and tightened also. In the future, the tenant can demand a lot of rent paid for up to two and a half years back.

In Berlin, joined a law for a rent cover in force. Thus, the Rent for 1.5 million homes in the capital, built before 2014 be frozen in the next five years. For new leases limits apply. The red-red-green state government wants to slow the recent sharp increase in Rents.

in 2020, there will be no modernization works in Berlin apartments

Vonovia give announced, therefore, to modernise 2020 no apartments in Berlin. "Energy renovations are prohibited in Berlin, de facto," said book. He expects that Vonovia must reduce to a third of the approximately 40,000 apartments in the capital of the Rent. The from make tens of millions of euros in rental income per year, he said. Book is with a view to the forthcoming procedures not assume that the rental cover is soon to come in other major German cities.

the CDU and the FDP in the house of representatives and the Bundestag announced the constitutional claims at the state and Federal level. You see, as well as business associations is a serious intervention in the private property, and assume that the rent policy of the Federal government is responsible and not the countries.

Vonovia has focused for years on Acquisitions In abroad,

for years Vonovia to grow through Acquisitions and recently also abroad, for example from rivals such as Gagfah, Süddeutsche Wohnen (Südewo), Franconia, and Vienna's Conwert. 2018 Buwog of Austria, and Victoria Park of Sweden AB were added, not least the Stockholm residential real estate group Hembla. Meanwhile, nearly 400,000 apartments Vonovia.

Now the housing group wants to take over the project developer Bien-Ries. A purchase contract was concluded, informed Vonovia. The acquisition is expected to be completed after antitrust approval in early April. The project developer, with focus in the Rhein-Main area, will expand as a part of the Buwog business in Germany.

Currently, eleven projects with a total of about 2,500 planned homes run according to the figures, in the case of the Bien-Ries AG. Of these, around 900 homes as rental properties in the Vonovia-inventory. The focus of the projects is located in the Rhine-Main Region. There Vonovia has around 27,500 homes.

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Date Of Update: 05 March 2020, 13:00

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