Waiver as a Maxim of Life: the possession is a burden

the trend in consumption: An empty home is considered a status symbol, the flood of Supply overwhelmed many consumers. it is regarded as the Pope of the mucki

Waiver as a Maxim of Life: the possession is a burden

the trend in consumption: An empty home is considered a status symbol, the flood of Supply overwhelmed many consumers.

it is regarded as the Pope of the mucking out and tidying up: the Japanese Marie Kondo photo: Finn Mayer-Kukuck

TOKYO/BERLIN taz | religion did the founder, it has always been: the possession does not make you happy. Jesus and Buddha were of the same opinion, and many great philosophers agree with you. "I have nothing, so I'm not obsessed with the things", is quoted by the Greek philosopher Antisthenes. His pupil, Diogenes made it a practical program, and lived in voluntary arm in his ton. So it's more in the spirit of history over the centuries.

After decades of a barely braked Consumerism, detachment from possession currently has an upswing. Even if they don't go to normal citizens today, as far as the philosopher, is currently a wave of mucking out and tidying-up by households. Guide books Excel in the variants of the old saying "Less is more", rolled out on many chapters.

The Pope of the new movement is indisputable Marie Kondo, a regulation expert which is one of a series on the video platform Netflix additional prominence. The 34-year-old Japanese woman acts for their series of operations in the US, something unreal. She always wears skirts, never pants. Compared to the American house owners, she seems ethereal and almost a little fragile. She bows and thanks the worn-out socks in small rituals for your faithful use of the foot. Kondo sounds your wisdom with cartoonish high-pitched voice, but remains in Clean uncompromising. The viewers seem to revel in, such as this clean-up Fairy brings the house owner with gentle pressure to bags way to kick the junk out of it.

Kondos books have sold around the world 8.5 million Times. But even beyond the phenomenon of Kondo, the time was apparently ripe for a return to the Less. This shows a long series of other books on the topic that is already been published. In the bookstore a dozen authors with key words in the title such as "minimalism" or "Less". There are variants of the song from the entrümpelten life – style-are always both physically and mentally.

From the comments in the network, it shows: Many of the Netflix viewers find, Kondo exaggerating by even books to throw away. However, it is difficult not to let the mind mucking out plug. Kondos topic to Teach to the conversation at parties. Obviously, something has changed: The consumption has grown on us over the head. "Many people suffer from today, including those that you have a lot more than you need," summarizes Kondo, compared to the taz, the Foundation of your success. "All that stuff is a burden."

In the post-war period, after households have started at zero, will be brought to the first purchases still a true joy. But a few decades later, new clothes and equipment is not always brought nearly as much joy. Today, the flood of the Discount contributes mainly to the blockage of the residential area, as Kondos visits to the show.

This effect has long been proven scientifically. The Economist Tibor Scitovsky has noted in 1971: "There is a conflict between what would like to have a man, and what gives him satisfaction." At that time, the United States experienced the first real Phase of the Überkonsums and made a lot of citizens really unhappy, as Scitovsky noted. The majority of households had what they needed and bought it. The people crave, instead, however, of recognition and of meaning in life.

of The Nobel prize winner in Economics Angus Deaton showed later that the additional, the household stand above an income of $ 75,000't be happier makes. You then have everything you need, plus comfortable coverage for emergencies. In addition, the percentage of what to spend the people for really necessary things like food and adequate clothing is decreasing over the decades. Finally, the purchase increases as a result of the economic growth power. Nevertheless, a majority is not satisfied as before.

One of the few that come close today in Germany the Ideals of the ancient philosophers, is the growth critic Niko Paech. Of the economy researchers at the University of Siegen always knew, what many media consumers are learning now on Netflix, and living a reduced Lifestyle. Paech waived on your Smartphone. He stuffs his socks if they have holes, rides a bike instead of a car. The everything get a gain in quality of life, says Paech. "There are clear research findings that show that After Reaching a certain saturation of economic growth brings no increase of well-being more."

Paech sees the sticking point is different as Kondo, not the place, but in the time available. This is especially true for the electronics: Each new device takes attention and requires time to use it. Today's income to allow the purchase of new appliances, but the day is not longer. "We expect in the new buying actions more and more objects," says Paech. "It overwhelmed our ability to Use these things to absorb it."

The result: The apartment is fully stuffed, the Overview is lost, and people are stressed. You're wondering where all the beautiful life time. Mobile phone, Tablet, game console and PC promised to be fun, but they also compete with always new Apps to the concentration. Aldi, Lidl, Netto, Penny, Hit and Norma urge to do this every week with new action available in the households. Oscillating saws, Memo Visco Chip pillow, the "vacuum jug Samba quick Express" with patent closure: The Goods are becoming more and more specialised.

Instead of the popcorn machine would be sufficient for a simple pot to make Popcorn. And window panes can also be used with an ordinary cloth, instead of a professional Window Cleaning Kits clean get. People can these are Offered, however, hardly reflected, as the sales figures show. In the area of textile, it looks even worse. Primark, with its clothing in the kilos, makes the traditional low-cost brands such as H&M as a portly precious stamps.

No wonder, then, that Kondo is also a mere ten years after the publication of your book is still insanely popular. It is completely wrong as the preacher of the Ejection. Your main focus is on what should be kept of the man – namely, the Essential. Kondo says here is the Same as Paech: It would be better to want less have. "You should also in the many price clothing stores, buy only what you really need," says the Japanese. Who is applying your method, buy a behind-conscious.

their doctrine is to spread out the beginning of all of his stuff is in a big promotion, and sort. "Then you see his property in a different light," says Kondo. There are cases in which your method is a shopping addiction got cured. Kondo is sure: "Whoever applies, is satisfied with what he has." Most users also discover through the cleanup day at your the floods of your belongings, what you have actually.

Date Of Update: 31 December 2019, 18:00

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