What are the markets moves today

1. Dax approaching high pre - market and again the record could be a record run to continue The Dax could continue on Friday its record-breaking run. This baro

What are the markets moves today
1. Dax approaching high pre - market and again the record could be a record run to continue

The Dax could continue on Friday its record-breaking run. This barometer minimal gains, the German stock exchange. Due to this, after a fluctuation in the course of the day before, a strong recovery in the last hours of trading. With views of the Coronavirus epidemic, which was brought back on Thursday temporarily, the Worries of the stock exchanges, it was now of stock markets: The markets would have calmed down quickly, and the market sentiment remained positive.

The X-Dax as an indicator for the German leading index, the Dax, around three-quarters of an hour indicates that before the trading started on a 0.1 percent higher at 13.758 points. It has a whole point of the peak is missing, the index will not once more stand by Wednesday. In the US, the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq indexes had climbed to more record highs before light profit-taking kicked in. The leading index of the Eurozone, the Euro STOXX, is expected to start on Friday is also a little harder. DAX 13.779,79 PTS. +34,36 (+0,25%) Xetra

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short-term setbacks on the stock exchanges would currently be used quickly for purchases, portfolio Manager Thomas Altmann from QC partner said. And also Martin Utschneider, a technical Analyst at the private Bank Donner & Reuschel, sees good chances for a continuation of the current momentum in the Dax. A certain amount of "buying panic", however, could turn quickly into its opposite, which is why active risk management recommend.

the uncertainty over the extent of the Coronovirus epidemic remains a major issue. You could at any time provide for a considerable shock. Because according to the new method of counting, the virus cases in China, the number of confirmed infections rose sharply again. Alone in the hard-hit Hubei province in Central China 4.823 proven infections were added within a day. Thus, the number country is on the rise to nearly 64,000. Experts consider also also the new Figures with caution and fear of a high number of unreported cases.

2. Wirecard increases sales by nearly 40 percent - no news to

, The payment service provider Wirecard has increased, despite the turmoil because of the allegations of the accounting of its sales in the last year, in a surprisingly clear way. Revenue climbed thanks to the boom in electronic payments by 38 percent to 2.8 billion euros, as the Dax group announced on Friday in Aschheim on the Basis of preliminary Figures. Shares of Wirecard were commuting on the Friday following the current business figures for the previous day's close. Finally, the papers of the payment processors were minimal in the Plus. Wirecard 142,55 EUR -1.35 (-0,94%) Xetra

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"It is a very clear proof of the sustainable earnings power of our business model", CEO Markus Braun said, according to the memo. The earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (Ebitda) rose by around 40 percent to 785 million euros. Adjusted for non - recurring expenses for audit and consulting as well as legal consulting services, the operating result would have amounted to 794 million euros, a growth of 42 per cent. With the adjusted earnings Wirecard met the estimates of analysts.

made of ongoing special audit of its own books, Wirecard first of all, there is no information. The group has promised that the audit could be completed by the end of the first quarter.

3. German economy stagnated in the fourth quarter

The German economy is assumed to be at the end of the year 2019, the breath. The gross domestic product stagnated in the fourth quarter compared to the previous quarter, as the Federal Statistical office on the basis of provisional data announced on Friday in Wiesbaden. Analysts had expected in the Mediterranean, despite the crisis in the German industry with a slight increase in the gross domestic product (GDP) for the months of October to December by 0.1 percent.

In the third quarter, had risen, known in the German economic performance, however, more than in the past. The Federal statistical office revised the data upwards. Accordingly, the gross domestic product had risen in the summer months by 0.2 percent, and not, as previously reported by only 0.1 percent. In the second quarter, the German economy had shrunk yet. Compared to last year, the Federal reported in the fourth quarter, a price - and calendar-adjusted growth of 0.4 percent.

for The full year, the gross domestic product increased as a month ago, accepted to 0.6 percent. This was significantly less than in the previous two years. As weak as in 2019, the growth was most recently in 2013.

4. The shares of LPKF Laser thanks early the SDax-ascent-driven pre-market on the upswing

by The early inclusion in the SDax has the shares of LPKF Laser on Friday on trading platform Tradegate 1.3 percent to 24.10 euros. In view of the Acquisition of TLG Immobilien by the competitors around town LPKF will replace the TLG papers now but in the next value of index. The Change to 18. February effective.

the day before, the hope through the tender ratio of TLG papers had been steamed to around town in the meantime, something else. The LPKF rate was dropped to 22.60 euros. Now, the recent shifts between high, since the autumn of 2000 at 24.90 euros back into focus.

5. Asia's stock markets with mixed signals - Japanese auto shares under pressure

have a tendency The Asian stock exchanges on Friday mixed. In China, the number of confirmed infections had risen with the Coronavirus again. However, the more difficult the new way of counting values, the arrangement, what are the different price trends of the individual markets are explained.

"The uncertainty remains," wrote market analyst Salah Bouhmidi from the Broker IG. "A comparison of the impact of SARS in 2003 and the Coronavirus 2020, it is striking that the current epidemic exerts a larger negative effect on the world economy and the economic development of China in the past 13 years." Nikkei 225 23.827,73 PTS. -33,48 (-0.14 percent) World indices

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The Japanese index, the Nikkei 225 0.59 percent on 23.687,59 points. Here electronics and car were stock. Nissan broke after the car maker's Outlook, and dividend cut. The CSI-300 Index with the 300 of the most important shares in the Chinese mainland stock exchange ended the day 0.7 percent strength, with a 3.987,73 points. The Hang Seng in Hong Kong rose last to 0.38 percent on 27.839,36 points.

We wish you a successful trading day!

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