What are the markets moves today

1. The Dax is likely to premarket easily in the Plus - recovery billions in aid from the International monetary Fund (IMF) to curb the Corona epidemic continue

What are the markets moves today
1. The Dax is likely to premarket easily in the Plus - recovery

billions in aid from the International monetary Fund (IMF) to curb the Corona epidemic continue to stockbrokers make on Thursday morning courage The X-Dax as vorbörslicher indicator for the Dax indicates that on the Wednesday about an hour before the start of trading on Dax at 12.186 points - an increase of half a percent. Thus, the leading index would lead to the recovery of the past two days. DAX 12.105,82 PTS. -21,87 (EUR -0.18%) Xetra

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"The IMF as a lender is often considered as a last refuge, but this time, he set himself to the top of the movement," wrote strategist Steven Innes from the Broker Axicorp. Investors are now betting that the Central banks and Finance Ministers of the G7 States with supportive measures. to help

poorer countries and emerging economies to counter the economic consequences of the Covid-19-epidemic, the IMF a total of US $ 50 billion (EUR 44.9 billion euros) for emergency loans available. In addition, the U.S. house of representatives provides for the fight against the novel Coronavirus 8.3 billion dollars.

On Wall Street, the Dow was able to make the high losses from Tuesday of more than betting. Also on the stock exchanges in the far East, the prices increased in the Morning. "The governments try to limit the economic damage so far as possible. And the honor of winning the exchanges with the course," said Analyst Thomas Altmann from the asset Manager, QC partner.

2. Continental suffers billion loss and warns of a weak year 2020 - dividend cut announced

The automotive supplier and tyre manufacturer Continental has to get to 2019 the global downturn to be felt in the auto industry. The bottom line is that a loss of over € 1.2 billion was available at the Dax-listed company from Hanover, after the company had earned in the previous year, nearly 2.9 billion euros. Like Conti announced on Thursday, were next to the "sharply declining market environment," in the current business but also the already known value adjustment of previous acquisitions as a reason for the red Numbers. Therefore, the operating result before interest and tax of around 4 billion (2018) slipped to minus € 268 million. Adjusted for, primarily depreciation and amortization, an operating result of EUR 3.2 billion was still in the balance.

"The past year has left significant skid marks in the entire automotive industry," said chief Executive Elmar Degenhart. This Conti was beaten in comparison to the overall market, but still relatively good. Sales increased in 2019, minimally, by 0.2 per cent to 44.5 billion euros. At the turn of the year, the group employed more than 241.000 employees. The tag program "Transformation 2019-2029", which would also could be a lot of Jobs cost of "additional measures" checked. Continental 87,63 EUR -8,63 (-8,97%) Xetra

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in Addition, Continental warned after the loss of billions before a weak of new year. The special effects adjusted margin operating profit is expected to go back in 2020 to between 5.5 to 6.5 percent, as the Dax group announced on Thursday in Hanover. In the previous year, the value of 9.3 was decreased to 7.4 percent. Analysts had for the current year, with 7.1 percent, a significantly higher number on the slip of paper as the company. Conti had to screw in the last years of his expectations down, because the environment in which suppliers, particularly in the Car was weaker. In sales, too, Conti is in-chief Elmar degenhart, more cautious than the experts, here, the Management is of 42.5 to 44.5 billion euros in revenue for the current year, the market was previously expecting a value at the upper end of the range.

The environment will remain in 2020 to be challenging, said chief financial officer Wolfgang Schäfer. In addition to the Production declines in the turbulence from the Coronavirus epidemic, more unresolved trade conflicts as well as dramatically more stringent exhaust gas regulations in Europe, the automotive industry continued, the Manager.

The dividend for the previous year, Schäfer supports, as expected from 4.75 euros to 4 euros.

3. Henkel holds to the current forecast for the year - shares premarket confirmed in the Plus

The consumer goods group Henkel raised its forecast for the current year. So the group is because of the investments as well as a weaker economic environment, particularly in the adhesive business of a further strain on the results. The adjusted return on sales is expected to decline this year by 16 percent to around 15 percent, the Dax group on Thursday in Düsseldorf. The stock is up pre-market by 0.6 percent on the trading platform Tradegate. Henkel Vz. 85,84 EUR -0,72 (-0.83 of%) Xetra price data

In adjusted earnings per preferred share Henkel expects a decline to a mid-to high-single-digit percentage at constant exchange rates, compared to 5.43 euros for the past year. The revenue growth should be at 0 to 2 per cent. 2019 Henkel was 20.1 billion euros.

4. Vonovia convinced with "solid" results - stock picks pre-market price to a record high

views of a record high on Thursday, shares of Vonovia have . According to the solid business of the real estate group, the price rose to trade gate compared to the Xetra closing to just under one percent to 53.26 euros. The papers were not far from the record high of mid-February, at 54,48 Euro. Vonovia 52,08 EUR -0,68 (-1,29%) Xetra

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The forecasts of the company for 2020, the stability of the real estate sector, Analyst Neil Green from the Bank, JPMorgan said. The 2019 results were solid. "In these highly fluctuating markets you should have the Vonovia share," advised the Analyst. Positive the prospect of a speedy action against the rent cover in Berlin agreed with him.

5. Hugo Boss expects pressure on Earnings caused by the Coronavirus

the spread of The novel Coronavirus is a burden on the business of fashion retailer Hugo Boss. This was particularly the case for China, the company said on Thursday in Metzingen. The group expects that should normalize the Situation until mid-year, for the most part. Nevertheless, the economic impact will be to dampen the sales and earnings development in 2020. So Hugo Boss is to 2020, adjusted for currency effects, of a stagnating up to two percent increase in sales. In the past year, the revenues on a currency-adjusted 2 per cent, were increased to nearly 2.9 billion euros. HUGO BOSS 39,00 EUR +1,00 (+2,63%) Xetra price data

operating profit could fall to 2020, in the worst case, again. Here, the group is expecting earnings before interest and taxes (Ebit) of 320 to 350 million euros to 333 million (without the influence of the new accounting standards IFRS 16) in the previous year. In 2019, the net result decreased due to higher investments by 10 percent to 212 million euros. Due to the good inflows, Hugo Boss intends to pay to its shareholders, nevertheless, a 5 Cent higher dividend of 2.75 euros per share.

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