What are the markets moves today

1. Dax stands in front of a clear break-in under the mark of 11,000 points The Worry from the consequences of the Coronavirus epidemic to hit the stock market

What are the markets moves today
1. Dax stands in front of a clear break-in under the mark of 11,000 points

The Worry from the consequences of the Coronavirus epidemic to hit the stock market in a panic. The Dax is expected on Monday to 6.5 percent lower, and significantly below the mark of 11,000 points. In the international oil markets, the price of Oil slumped after the failed negotiations of the leading Oil-producing countries at the same time, by 30 percent. This is the biggest drop in nearly 30 years. DAX EUR 10.943,58 PTS. -598,29 (-5,18%) Xetra

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The X-Dax vorbörslicher indicator for the German leading index, three quarters of an hour signalled just before the start of trading, a loss of 8.2 percent to 10.431 points. In the past ten trading days, the Dax had lost because of the growing fear of drastic economic consequences due to the rapid spread of the novel Coronavirus is already around 15 percent. The Euro STOXX 50 is expected on Monday, almost 7.5% lower.

While the infections are on the increase worldwide, and are the measures against the spread of the novel Virus in several countries increasingly more rigorous. Italy, the most affected by the Virus-epidemic-affected European country, seized in the meantime, further measures After the closure of large parts in the North, the Italian government activated stations checks at rail stations, airports and highways in the restricted areas. In some North Italian territories or out of them, including also the economic centre of Milan and the tourist centre of Venice, one must reasons, currently only in case of emergency or out of work.

In Germany, the cancellation of large events is imminent. In France, events with more than 1,000 people are now forbidden. "To fight against the Corona of the oil war comes now," said Portfolio Manager Thomas Altmann from QC partner. "Investors flee from risk." The alleged decision of the Saudis to resume Oil production well high, in his opinion for all of the oil producer "a fiasco". For all oil consumers, however, it could be for the "additional stimulus package". "Brent Oil is already traded so cheap as last in 2016," he said.

2. Nordex increases sales and order intake by a third - Ebitda below analysts ' expectations

The wind turbine manufacturer Nordex has in the last year of good shops in Europe and North America benefited. While sales climbed by a third to 3.28 billion euros, could Nordex also improved its order intake significantly. He rose by 31% to 6,21 gigawatts, such as the SDax-listed company announced on Monday in Hamburg at the time of submission of provisional full-year figures.

earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (Ebitda) grew by 2019 by about 22 percent to € 123.8 million, missed, but the lowest expectations of the analysts. The corresponding margin decreased by 0.3 percentage points to 3.8 percent. Details of the net Income of the group made it first. The boss of the group José Luis Blanco showed, notwithstanding, satisfied and referred to the fact that Nordex has achieved its targets for 2019.

Nordex had slipped in the first nine months of fiscal year 2019 deep into the red and had achieved a high net loss. The wind power industry is currently suffering from high competition and a corresponding pressure on prices. The full balance for 2019 want to Nordex on the 24. March to be announced. Then, the group intends to respond to the forecast for 2020.

3. German exports remain surprisingly level of the previous Month, imports of light

increased German exports increased in January, surprising the course. Exports were seasonally adjusted at the level from the previous month, according to the Federal Statistical office on Monday in Wiesbaden. Economists had expected on average a rise of 0.9 per cent. Imports rose by 0.5 percent. This had been expected by Economists.

The Surplus in the trade balance declined from 15.2 billion euros in the previous month to 13.9 billion. Economists had expected a slight increase to 15.3 billion. The Surplus in the current account balance fell to 8.2 billion to 16.6 billion euros.

4. Siltronic cuts dividend by 40 percent after a sharp fall in profits

After a decline in profits in the past year, the manufacturer of wafers lowers for the semiconductor industry, Siltronic, as expected, the dividend. For 2019, the investor will receive 3 euros per share, 2 euros less than for the particularly strong year 2018, as the company announced on Monday in Munich at the time of submission of the final annual figures. On the level of pretrade price indication from Monday, this corresponds to a dividend yield of almost 4 percent. Siltronic 67,00 EUR -8,50 (-11,26%) Xetra price data

The Income of the Wacker-Chemie stake was 2019, up nearly 35 percent to 261 million euros decreased. So, the trade dispute between the United States and China, the problems of the car industry, but also a cooling of investment in the Cloud infrastructure, as well as lower Smartphone had made to create sales of large chip companies to 2019. The hit on Siltronic, the round slices of silicon (wafers) manufacturing process, the chip producer.

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