What the billion-deficit of legal means health insurance for the Insured

hospital treatment, cure, rehabilitation: the Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) and the Grand coalition have extended the benefits for legally Insured solid,

What the billion-deficit of legal means health insurance for the Insured

hospital treatment, cure, rehabilitation: the Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) and the Grand coalition have extended the benefits for legally Insured solid, but at the cost of health insurance. Because your expenses always rise stronger, to beat the coffers Alarm.

A statement of the management Board, head of the Association of statutory health insurance (Shi), Doris Pfeiffer, made a few days ago, many of the Insured for uncertainty. "The deficit in 2019 will be about a billion euros," said the Association boss compared to the Newspapers of the Funke media group. In the year 2018, the Surplus of the funds had amounted to, according to the Federal Ministry of health, two billions of Euro.

Pfeiffer has called the development "alarming", because record revenues of health insurance can not prevent have the loss. PDF The need to care for the needy and family members know

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evaluation shows: This means the billion hole for your contribution

What is the billion in the hole now means for the contributions of the Fund members for 2020, shows the annual evaluation of the portal "krankenkassen.net" the "Handelsblatt" reported first. First the good news: The vast majority of the approximately 52.9 million will be legally spared the insured sick, at the time the contribution jumps. You don't have to engage in this year, for your insurance protection deeper into the bag. Doris Pfeiffer stressed that the majority of health insurance must increase its additional contribution in the year 2020. At the same time, it announced that it will come from 2021 to higher contributions.

How now, from the analysis of "krankenkassen.net" the Detail shows, 77 of the 104 statutory health insurance in Germany, your extra contribution compared to 2019 in a stable, two lower even. Only 25 funds to increase its additional contribution. The subject, according to the "Check24" approximately 2.4 million Insured.

The total amount of the statutory health insurance matters in addition to the General rate of 14.6 percent, which must be half of the employer and the employee paid the second part of the additional contributions. This post can set the funds themselves. By the end of 2018 had to these additional Insured shoulders the contribution alone, since the 1. January 2019, the share of workers and employers, the additional contribution rate. Currently the variable rate is, on average, 1 percent (weighted on the Basis of the number of members).

First AOK creates additional contribution complete

Regardless of the additional benefits for Insured persons Insured with the AOK Sachsen way of achieving the best. The additional contribution is only 0.3 per cent. 1. January 2020 the Fund, with around about 757,000 members as one of the largest health insurance companies in the country, their additional contribution of 0.3 per cent to 0.0 per cent – and thus the first to Fund the additional contribution is completely abolished. In the case of a gross annual salary of 56.250 Euro workers save just like employer in the future, 84 Euro, as a calculation of the comparison portal Verivox for FOCUS Online results.

The highest additional contribution to pay under the Insured at the BKK city of Augsburg. The Augsburg-based health insurance, raises your contribution by 1.2 percentage points to 2.7 percent. Also the customers of the Atlas BKK Ahlmann and the BKK Herkules (in each case plus 0.5 percentage points) figures of 1.7 percent, or 2.2 percent, relatively a lot. But: A large part of the Insured is spared 2020, apparently larger contribution of jumps. Health insurance-benefits at a Glance (indicator) Now in the free health insurance comparison to find the best conditions!

Stable statutory health insurance contribution is expected to soon past

In the past years, the legal could were health insurance thanks to the good economy, instead of return. At the end of September, the reserves amounted to 20.6 billion Euro. This corresponded to an average of four times the specified minimum reserve, as the Federal Ministry of health emphasized.

A consequence of this significant Surplus: more than half of the funds should not raise the additional contribution at the behest of the policy for 2020, as they have layers of more than one month's output on the high edge. For the required reduction in reserves, a portion of the funds has reduced the extra contribution now seems to actually, or at least kept stable, such as the analysis of "krankenkassen.net" shows. The Insured benefit up – to-date will remain so, however, is questionable.

study warns of the difficulties of the Shi

the Shi-Head of Pfeiffer the obligation, reserves criticized "now more dispersed than for the long-term financial planning would be needed".

Also in October, the forecast published on behalf of the Bertelsmann Foundation is a cause for concern: a decline of almost 50 billion Euro threat to the statutory health insurance funds in the year 2040, if the policy is not early against expensive. The contribution rate would have to be increased, therefore, currently at 14.6 percent by the year 2040 gradually to 16.9 percent of expected expenditure increases.

A key driver of demographic development with a rising share of older people who take more health services was, as the authors from the Institute for health and social research (Iges) write. But above all, boomers is declining with the entry of the birth into old age, their contribution to the statutory health insurance revenue. Face contorted with pain, the infuriated Pope, the wife of the skin on the Finger, FOCUS Online/Wochit face contorted With pain, the infuriated Pope of the woman's skin came on the Finger

Updated Date: 13 January 2020, 01:01

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