When you look at Greta's message closer, discovers a big mistake

The climate activist Greta Thunberg represents the older Generation in the pillory, and accuses her to have the scientific knowledge about climate change and it

When you look at Greta's message closer, discovers a big mistake

The climate activist Greta Thunberg represents the older Generation in the pillory, and accuses her to have the scientific knowledge about climate change and its causes to be ignored for a long time. "How dare you?" ("How dare you?"), initiate your charge, and it terminates with a Wake-up call: "The world is waking up. And the change is coming, whether you like it or not.“ ("The world is waking up. And change is coming, whether you like it or not.“)

Greta's message comes to

The message arrives, because it combines a tightly woven Narrative with an iconic figure, a heroine. She has captured the youth, as the continuing "Fridays for Future"-movement and is understood by the voters favor buhlenden policy as a Signal to improve its climate Image, or to defend against competitors. However, it is not the young, but the Older ones that decide about victory or defeat at the ballot box. The yellow West movement in France expected values of politicians as a warning, to make climate protection packages in a socially responsible manner, making them sustainable, but painful decisions, such as the introduction of a comprehensive CO2-certificate trading or a CO2 stick control back in horror. If the steering mechanism of the price but it is undermined by compensatory measures, remains the bottom line is all the same. About the experts

Dr. Bert Flossbach founder and Director of the 1998 founded asset Manager flossbach von Storch AG. Previously, a doctorate in a graduate of business at the Matuschka group in Munich and at Goldman Sachs in Frankfurt.

"How can you dare to do so, as if this might just be "business as usual" and some of the technical solutions to be solved?" ("How dare you pretend that this can be solved with just 'business as usual' and some technical solutions?") The first part of the sentence as a strong reminder that a "can not continue to lead" the target is. With "business as usual" and a green coat of paint to the climate change we cannot overcome and achieve in the long term, no image. The second part of the sentence is, however, irritating. Why are damn technical solutions? How else, if not with innovations and new technologies ambitious climate goals are to be achieved? This requires, however, clear requirements and conditions of the policy, enterprises rely on and which your long-term strategy to align. Sustainably successful companies understand that they need to be part of the solution and at the same time jobs or back up can create.

"[...] and all the things you can talk about are money and the fairy tales about eternal economic growth. How dare can you it!“ (...and all you can talk about is money, and fairy tales of eternal economic growth. How dare you!“) – it has formulated Greta. But Economic prosperity should not be seen as a fairy tale misunderstood. Without economic growth there can be no sustainable climate protection because of not only costs money, but may also undermine the social security systems. In order to safeguard present and future generations a future worth living, must be supplied with 7.7 billion people on the planet with food, electricity and medicines. The "Degrowth" -, or post-growth movement negates this need by propagating a shrinkage rate of the world economy through a forced resignation.

surf tip: protests of conservationists: Come, Fauna and Flora of the Tesla factory in the way?

"Fridays for Future" calls for resignation - but this may be the solution?

Apart from the fact that there is no legitimate and accepted authority that can determine what applies in individual cases as essential, this may seem for all those in need of neither a Job nor the blessings of social security systems, as a viable option.

but, if you need a job, services of the insurance company wishes to take and in the age to a pension is dependent, will get to feel the shrinkage rate of the economy, with all the hardship on your own body. A massive downsize leads to unemployment, imploding tax revenues and – due to the demographic development – to a collapse of the social security systems. Mass unemployment, poverty and harsh social conflicts, the consequences would be. Also the climate would suffer because of climate protection would be hardly on the Agenda for their existence-fighting population. The innovation and Investment activity would slacken, and both the economic and the ecological Basis of present and future generations would be destroyed.

by then, the Revolution eats its children, and today Accusing were sitting on the dock and would have to listen to probably the following charge: "well-intentioned you want to save the environment, but how were you able to only believe that to stop with the abolition of the SUVs, a couple of Euro environmental tax for the fly and load wheels for city driving the climate change? Why did you refuse to constructive solutions, why the market economy is demonized and, therefore, our economic future playful?“

Real solutions require courage

there are solutions – if the politicians had the courage to do so. Smart incentive systems to promote climate-friendly economies and to Consume and punish the pollution of the environment. Economists refer to this as internalisation of external costs. The use of resources is priced, and the wallet does not dictate what must be one of my messages. This applies to companies, private households and the state (where it is the purse of the other). The Greens have taken up this idea in its slogan for the party Congress in November: "to put rules in the sense of policy, and at the same time, the best innovation engine." They are calling for "a smart Mix of CO2 price incentives and promotion, as well as the order of law". The price for a ton of CO2 emissions would be 40 Euro, and from 2021 to 60 Euro increases. This would according to our calculations, the price per litre of petrol (incl. VAT) of approximately 11 and 17 Cents per litre, Diesel by 13, or 19 Cents increase. In return, the power to tax is lowered, and every citizen paid an "energy money" of 100 euros per year.

the Latter is a choice tactically justified gift, which would be the cost of 8.3 billion euros to help the environment. A higher CO2 pricing is in principle to be welcomed, especially if they were to be introduced in the entire EU. It is more expedient than a prohibition policy, because it encourages innovation and the development of new technologies, without the citizens to patronize. You could even contribute to a green economic miracle, a kind of "Green New Deal", if you approach it correctly, and the drive of scientists, entrepreneurs and engineers in the right direction articulated. Then the Wake-up call from Greta Thunberg could be seen in the historical review in fact, as a Signal for a departure.

panic and emotions are not a good counselor. You either lead to heedlessness and activism (such as the us, the stock market teaches again and again), or the desperate Clinging to the Status quo. With a pure redistribution instead of sustainable growth, ecological and economic balance of interests between the Young and fail to reach Old but is. Bear the brunt of the younger Generation would be.

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