Where investors should look: these are the best stock markets of the century

The Millennium began in Germany with an equity crisis. Between 2000 and 2002, the Dax fell continuously for three years in a row. Until today it is the turn of

Where investors should look: these are the best stock markets of the century

The Millennium began in Germany with an equity crisis. Between 2000 and 2002, the Dax fell continuously for three years in a row. Until today it is the turn of the Millennium by 90 percent after the top of climb, and has repeatedly set new records, but who had in the heyday of the dot-com Era with the foresight to invest in other stock markets, which today would be significantly richer.

We studied 102 countries indices in the world, to find the best stock markets of the Millennium, and let it be said: Who would have in the year 2000 the nose obsessed, to put his Savings in countries like Malawi, Argentina, Macedonia, Pakistan, and Kazakhstan, which would have earned his Villa with Butler today, honestly.

Only 14 corporations, hardly Trading: The stock exchange in Malawi

the five countries of The thousand-Ranking of the whole year. In the front of Malawi, a country the size of Bavaria and lower Saxony in the number of inhabitants in North Rhine-Westphalia, ranked 182 in the list of the strongest economic countries in the world – or, in other words, the fourth poorest country in the world.

The stock exchange in Malawi can, however, let's see. To 8.464 per cent of the country index, the MSE has increased since the turn of the Millennium. He started in 1996 with only a single company, the national insurer, National Insurance Company. Today, 14 companies are listed in the financial centre of Blantyre in the South of the African state. Is traded, however, only a little. On Monday, for example, the volume was some 50,000 transactions. For comparison: The least traded the Dax-share price, Beiersdorf, came to 23.6 million Trades.

Argentina and Pakistan on the Medal stand

Malawi is still a little stronger than the stock index of Argentina, the Merval 25 in the capital, Buenos Aires. He's coming since the turn of the Millennium, a growth of 7320 per cent. The Index began the new Millennium, almost 50 percent below its value a few years earlier, but despite state bankruptcy just a year after the Millennium it started going inexorably upwards. The stock market benefited from the General economic development of the country: In most of the years after 2000, the gross domestic product (GDP), grew up in Argentina by more than five percent per year.

place 3 in the ranking goes to Macedonia: The Balkan state has started its stock market index in the year 2002, technically, you would not be able to invest already at the turn of the Millennium, here. However, since then, with 4774 percent steep to the top. Here, too, the only reflects consistently the economic development: The GDP growth for the past 20 years, an average of around five per cent in the year.

Ten countries with more than 1000 percent growth

Two Asian exchanges in the remaining top spots: Pakistan's Index Karachi 100 – save-named after the capital – grew since the Millennium to 2343 percent, Kazakhstan KZKAK launched in July 2000, comes since then, but on a Plus of 2199 percent. An Investment of 10,000 euros in the Top 5 today would be around 512,000 euros in value. Already 20,000 euros would have made you a millionaire.

Five other countries to a growth of more than 1000 percent: Russia, Romania, Zimbabwe (since 2009), Ukraine and Montenegro (since 2003). From the EU space 16, +836 percent), according to the Romanians, Estonia (14th place, +849%) and Latvia (best placed.

, Germany, located on square 55, Greece is the conclusion of the light

The Dax is only further behind With its 90 per cent growth, he is in the 55. Place out of 102 countries, framed by Slovakia and Jordan. This is an average of both the rank as well as the growth. The Median of all countries, i.e. the value at which exactly half is performing better and the other half worse, is 99 percent.

Generally, most of the large industrial Nations have not such a phenomenal growth as small countries. This is simply because that the most not started already on a high level, from which it is so easy to continue to the top. So the United States come about on an increase of 136 percent (48th place), Australia 126 per cent (#49) and Canada to 104 per cent (53). Behind Germany, for example China (+86 percent, 57th), Switzerland (+54 percent, square 63), Japan (+23%, ranked 71), the UK (+22%, square 72) and France (+7 percent, 78th) are.

Only 23 of the 102 countries have, since the year one thousand losses in your stock turning to be charged to index. Including many EU are amazing-to find countries, such as Slovenia, Malta and Spain. Italy (-42 per cent), Portugal (-58 percent), Greece (-82 per cent) and Cyprus (-93 percent) occupy four of the last five places, only interrupted by Myanmar (-53 percent).

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