Which type are you? How Cautious, Patient and gamblers now the money should create

The past week not to be forgotten, investors so quickly. Three of its five worst days of the US leading index Dow Jones reported this week alone. The market bre

Which type are you? How Cautious, Patient and gamblers now the money should create

The past week not to be forgotten, investors so quickly. Three of its five worst days of the US leading index Dow Jones reported this week alone. The market breadth the S&P 500 corrected never so fast from a High. And also, the German stock market barometer, the Dax, saw a deep red week, as it has since the debt crisis of 2011 no longer exists.

in Spite of these negative records is more open, as it goes now. The Dax rallied on Monday significantly more than one percent and tried in the meantime to a reconquest of the 12,000-point mark. Nevertheless, the Index listed more deep below the important moving averages (approximately 200 days), the broken upward trend since the beginning of 2019 seems. DAX 11.985,39 PTS. +127,52 (+1,08%) Xetra

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For investors, that means: Remain vigilant – and, in the case of the case again be active. Generally speaking, From the massive volatility in the market should allow investors to not go crazy. It was also the wrong time to sell in order to rush into items, such as the experts of the Berenberg Bank noted. Depending on your appetite for risk, but there are recommended actions. Bernecker exchange - compass orientation for your Depot. Clear. Compact. Competent. (Partner offer) Now for 30 days completely free trial!

The Prudent

some investors Also feel if the stock exchange discourage professionals from sales in a panicked phase, and the old master, Warren Buffett asserts that the best never should be sold, with deep red course boards just well.

Nevertheless, sales, or profit taking will always be an Ultima Ratio. In the long term (15 years or more) losses, with shares excluded practical and solid returns well above the interest rates at money & co., statistics show to Dax, Dow Jones and S&P 500.

make more sense to the Depot to Put it would be, warrants to hedge. These Retail derivatives verb a (theoretical) right of sale to a base scoring value to a previously determined price. The price of the underlying asset falls, the value of such a licence increases. In addition to pure speculative positions can be hedged. Small Caps Champion: your 3 pillars for a successful wealth accumulation. Successfully and safely in addition to values invest. (Partner quote) Here is an exclusive free trial!

a Depot in order to hedge, you need to be purchased according to the following formula warrants: portfolio value divided by the price of the underlying asset times the reference ratio. For a 10,000-Euro-capitalisation of the Dax Depot so it will be 10,000 by 11.837 times 100, because often these Bills reference ratios of 1 to 100 have in the case of an Index as the base value. 84 or 85 of the Put option notes, an investor needs, with a base price as close as possible to 11.837 points.

Because of the high volatility of the past few days, the prices of these Tickets are drawn, but violently. Most of the Put option notes cost about between eight and ten euros, 84 at least necessary to Seem to these hedging costs, so 672 to 840 euros, and 6.7, respectively, 8.4 percent of the portfolio value.

Whether or not this sum is worth it, the whole Depot is secure, remains investors leave. The markets, the Tickets are worthless. In other words: the cost of The hedge have to get the courses back in.


The opposite way – for investors with strong nerves – would be to buy now opportunistically cheaper to. What some see as a loss of twelve per cent on the Dax, it can also be used as a discount seen. As already mentioned, the markets are reliable long-term rate of return carriers, over any historical period, even in the worst possible entry points.

so Why not get it now because the prices are significantly come from the recent Record levels back? To offer ETF-investing in popular indexes or the entry in the case of corporations, the offer, regardless of the Virus-epidemic growth opportunities or strong dividend payers would either – as a result of the lower rates, the yield of the distributions is, of course, higher. In the case of dividend strategies exchange gains (and also losses) is rather beside the point.

To be advised Nachkäufen some experts, by the way, how about Michael Winkler, chief investment officer of St. Galler Kantonalbank. "Investors should watch the action closely and consider, to take advantage of price declines for the stock increases."

The gambler

For daring investors, the current situation is a Paradise. This is because, with falling prices as money can do, as with rising – in the best case, even within days. The above-mentioned Put option notes, for example, eight through the course of fall last week, just multiplied, as these Bills of Deutsche Bank (WKN: DL98MS) and Vontobel (WKN: VF3B01) show as an example.

conversely, can be a bet with so-called Call-option seem to be the beginning of a recovery. The verb price called, namely, the (theoretical) right of purchase to a certain base and the counterpart are in order to Put. The base value increases, increasing the value of the Calls.

However in the case of warrants, note that the prices are very sensitive to volatility in the market and the price of education is sometimes difficult to understand. An Alternative: Knock-Out Certificates. These provide a constant lever, which is not affected by movements in the underlying asset and the derivative, therefore, the more comprehensible. By way of example only, these two Long-Knock-Outs by Vontobel (WKN: VE2E5M)and DZ Bank (WKN: DF87BH) may be mentioned.

the risk of the name is, of course give the Knock-Outs. The papers are to be provided with a threshold – a breakthrough that lets the bill expire worthless. This applies both to Long-Knock-Outs (bet on rising prices), as well as for Short-Knock-Outs (bet on falling prices).

Generally, these products have loss of the use of are totally possible! This applies to shares, in the case of derivatives, the probability is much higher. Gamblers should be aware of this risk and only speculate with capital that can be lost in doubt. With Stock Selection in Europe, you will achieve excess Returns with System! (Partner offer) Now 30 days free of charge test!

The Patient

investors build long term wealth, you need to currently bring just patience. The Virus epidemic will slow the global economic recovery is expected – but only in the short to medium term. History has shown the outbreaks of SARS and bird flu that "an economic slowdown was reversed in the rule in the following quarters", consoled also Kantonalbank-expert Winkler.

to remove from the market, only in some months again, is the cost of trading fees. Who is already positioned with a diversified Portfolio of stocks, bonds, and solid investments like Gold and real estate, should not change that.

make Sense for an adjustment of the portfolio on the most promising asset classes and regions in the next few years would be at the new lower rates, if at all. For this purpose, the asset management DWS has recently published a comprehensive study. The conclusion: After the strong decade, since 2010, it is expected that with less yield to the markets, however, opportunities beckon in the emerging markets and in raw materials.

The spectator

Still, many savers in Germany are reluctant to invest in stocks – to hard the Trauma of the New market weigh and rate used in burglaries, such as currently, as an example of the high risk of shares. But all this does not help: the low interest rates to get the capital because of the fashion, Inflation of 1.7 percent, rates not even more, money market and Passbook Turner are pure time wasting.

anyone Who witnessed about the Goings-on on the stock exchanges only as a spectator, you risk no short-term losses, but a retirement without financial Worries. From the investment period of 15 years, the Dax shed an average of between seven and eight percent return in a year.

From 10,000 Euro to be so in 15 years, before tax, fees and Inflation 27.590 to 31.721 Euro. A money market account with interest rates of between one and at most two per cent per annum only on the values of the 11.609 and 13.458 Euro in the same period.

Who does not want to rely on the dwindling state pension, you can't get past share. Savers don't have to put everything in the Dax, Dow Jones & co.. It is enough for the beginning, an ETF savings plan and regularly Deposit money. This can be 25 euros per month. Also, the entry point does not matter – whether the markets are now at a record level, or as is currently the case, deep red trading days behind.


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