With this Software you get the most control

have you heard? Taxpayers have two more months ' time. in order to process your annual tax return. Who makes the Declaration for the year 2019, you must submit

With this Software you get the most control

have you heard? Taxpayers have two more months ' time. in order to process your annual tax return. Who makes the Declaration for the year 2019, you must submit the forms until the end of July 2020 the tax office – the period at the end of may 2020 is obsolete. Who hired a tax adviser or a wage tax help Association automatically has time until the end of February 2021.

on average, taxpayers get 974 euros

But as long as Taxpayers should not have to wait. After all, the average tax refund lures according to the Federal statistical office, in the amount of 974 euros per taxpayer. With the new tax software programs, the refund is successful in many cases, quickly and effortlessly. No matter whether as a Download on a PC or Mac or in the Browser on the Tablet for almost all the devices in solutions of the manufacturer are available, which facilitate the tax-payers of the life when Filling out the tax forms. To find out whether the tax software programs for tax return in 2019 has submitted the keep, what the manufacturer promises, FOCUS-MONEY you to the test. Content check: The gross-to-net calculator 2020 As much net them by the gross

programs good help

According to the statements of the provider to run the tax return this year, almost automatically, everything is easier to succeed faster and better. remains Using a comprehensive sample if the most popular programs in 2020 were tested and on heart and kidneys checked.

The conclusion of the examiner: "Each of the control programs is providing a great help in Solving the pattern if", the financial Birgit Tietjen, and Sabine Simon, public servants are unanimous. "However, there are differences in the quality of the automatic acquisition of the data, the amount of the tax tips, as well as the user guide", noted the Expert.

The winner of the test makes it easy for users to in the Test of the market, was the leader of Buhl, the base control program in 2020. "Here is the automatic collection of data has proceeded furthest." By automatic controls, are accessed via a digital interface data, which are deposited with the tax office already, and merged, for example, Name, address, details of the wage tax certificate, retirement messages, parental, maternity and sick pay, praises, etc. "All the data are automatically transferred with a click to the right place", tester Simon. "The annoying Typing is eliminated."

Particularly comfortable also: Acquisition of documents and supporting Evidence can be via a Smartphone photo of the control box are collected. At base, it is also possible, via the Banking App transactions from Bank accounts to bring in. A tax Advisor (also in book form), with tax-saving tips, as well as numerous video helps round out the Service of a very clear programme. The program is also available for Mac Users. Since the base is "digital trendsetters", and also the possibility of a purely web-based tax return provides, for collecting, the program for the test inside the best notes. "Great program that is fun," says Simons statement.

The cashier is ringing Statista

The state takes tax money and not too tight. Most of the financial management flows through the paid VAT (value added tax) of the citizens in the household, followed by the wage tax of the employee. In the past years, the revenue of the public sector have risen significantly.

second-placed tax-saving Declaration assumes Elster-registration

place the tax-saving Declaration of Wolters Kluwer lands. The visually appealing and well-structured program convinced the examiner also, in particular, in the case of the user guide. Thanks to the "red thread" lost never the orientation in the tax jungle and have also received valuable saving tips appear immediately. Also, the automatic data import of the documents that are stored in the financial management, is possible with the program. The elaborate Elster-registration, the manufacturer shall, on request, free of charge.

However, there is no tax Advisor is included in the package in the form of a book. The tax tips are completely digital. Who wants to scroll, though, in a book, you can request the guide "tax compass" with over 800 pages free of charge by Post. Points could. the program also with the convenient voucher Manager that works via an App, with exact calculations, and the electronic control controller, which points again to a lack of information or inconsistencies Positive: The tax - saving Declaration is also available as a Mac Version.

services of the other provider

The places three to five show T@x from Buhl, Taxman and quick tax Intuit. However, the ratings were in these programs, as the manufacturers here are no Mac versions available. T@x impresses but, as the faculty's programme, through a clear, simple and comfortable user guidance and is similar to the base program. The package is equipped with a tax advice - giver, and provides exact calculations, with good explanations.

Taxman of Lexware stands out due to the best tax Advisor in book form in the Test. There, taxpayers will also find the filling instructions, commentaries, and job AIDS. The program is in addition, many useful video guides, sample letters, legal texts and Judgments are very comfortable. Workers, families, but also for freelancers with simple Tax situations to T@x by Buhl and quick tax Intuit good, as the products in the price-to-performance-convinced the ratio.

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