You want to high profits at low risk? This is easier than you think

There are people who claim that more yield can be achieved only with more risk. That volatility and potential setbacks, the price for the prospect of rich gains

You want to high profits at low risk? This is easier than you think

There are people who claim that more yield can be achieved only with more risk. That volatility and potential setbacks, the price for the prospect of rich gains in the global stock markets were. And that stocks would perform in the long term is always best. You are also among these people? If Yes, no Problem – you are not alone. Keep most of these exchanges-fixed beliefs. But you have asked this already, but seriously behind? Perhaps there is a way, with a smart allocation of Asset classes, with equity-like returns and to reduce the risk significantly? A Portfolio that leverages the advantages of each investment option and the weaknesses eliminated skillfully? FOCUS-MONEY has made on this search and actually found it. Not on the dazzling Wall Street or in the auditorium of an Elite University, but Tyler and a Golden butterfly.

exception of the financial world,

Yes, this not only sounds crazy, but it is also. Finally, Tyler (as he calls himself) is an Unknown in the financial world. No one knows what he looks like. No one knows who is behind this name. A anonymity wants to keep Tyler, as he writes on his website . What is immediately clear that Tyler is not about recognition or ego, but of content, data, Figures and facts. He's not bigger than he is – and is for that reason alone, in the world of Finance is an exception. Rather, he is critical also for yourself. So he appeals to every reader, his theories critically. On his Homepage he has reproduced the most relevant Portfolio approaches the world of Finance and analyzed. Users can view completely free of charge, the strategies of great masters such as Ray Dalio & co., and the historical Performance up to the present day track. The volatility of earnings, growth rates, the Drawdowns, a variety of scenarios, sampling plans, savings goals, expected returns – everything will be checked and disclosed.

Factual Superiority

this Service is worth a lot. But Tyler goes further in several steps. Because of the knowledge he has gained through the study of numerous strategies, he has developed an own Portfolio. A Portfolio, which is the Expertise of the largest financial experts and the most exciting approaches are combined in the financial world. Of that Portfolio, which makes the impossible possible: Equity-like returns with minimal risk – "the Golden butterfly"-Portfolio. A wing is for shares, a wing for the bonds and of the body for Gold. FOCUS MONEY losses? Wrong! FOCUS-MONEY has adjusted to Tyler's approach to the domestic investors. The result: Since 1970, stock market traders would have won with the simple and cost-effective strategy after ten years of always – without exception.

Admittedly, this sounds very innovative – perhaps even sobering. Finally, it should be the perfect Portfolio. But it is precisely in this simplicity is the great strength lies. Its Portfolio umkurvt the pitfalls and the stock market Fall world. Just like a butterfly. The best example: the "volatility trap." For this purpose, a simple calculation: If you invest Euro 100 in share A, and this in the first year to 100 percent of gains before it falls in the second year by 50 percent, you have earned how much money? Right, not a dime. The annual growth rate (CAGR) is zero percent. In practice, however, there are still a variety of people – including self-proclaimed experts – who share A quantify after the two years, with an average return of 25 percent. The Problem is that This 25 percent read only good on paper – but they are worth nothing. FOCUS MONEY on Chronic profits: investors who have invested in the past 10000 Euro in accordance with the "Golden butterfly"approach, were after ten years of holding period of at least 4000 Euro richer. In the best case, the capital was almost tripled.

"That's the difference between real money and Monopoly Seem to be" jokes Tyler, and notes an important principle: The more volatile an Asset is, the greater the discrepancy between the actual and the theoretical yield. To put it in Tyler's words: "Whoever visits a roller-coaster ride exclusively on the basis of the average speed will be experience blue miracle!" Tyler's Portfolio reads, therefore, as an alternative to the Mainstream, precisely because it is so unspectacular and well-founded. Only with the scientific background is clearly aware of how awesome his approach at all. The "Golden butterfly"-the Portfolio is the perfected implementation of the "Avoid losses"rule of Warren Buffett. The solution for long-term yields and quiet nights.

The tools: a basic understanding of correlations in financial markets and, above all, humility. Because the fact is: Yes, in a perfect environment for Equities performs a simple index Fund such as the S&P 500 or the Dax, better than the Multi-Asset approach. But our world is not perfect. And that's exactly why the perfect Portfolio makes to its name all the honor. To guarantee not because it profits in each month 100 percent of the can (the can is not a strategy), but because it is perfectly balanced. A Balance, which is especially for the large thickness, if there is a crash in the stock markets.

simple tools

looks like this is the perfect Portfolio for domestic investors? FOCUS-MONEY has been adapted Tyler's approach to the German stock market and comes to a startling result: The "Golden butterfly" also flies in the Federal Republic of Germany – and with only five ETFs. 20 per cent flow equal weighting in German stocks, emerging market stocks, government bonds, medium-term, real estate and Gold.

The result: Since 1970, this strategy on the 10-year would be achieved for point of view in the average annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.2 percent. For comparison: The German stock market comes to 7.0 percent. Plus: The strategy was able to reduce in the past, the risk dramatically. While the German stock market slipped in the 2000s, at times, over 56 per cent, and all the 13 years it took to get back to the old level, could investors cut in half with Tyler's strategy, the maximum Drawdown is more than, and were a maximum of five years in the Minus. For them, these statistics mean the following: In any manner of a 10-year period since 1970, you would have made losses – on the contrary. Even at the worst possible time to Start, you would have achieved with an Investment of 10,000 euros in the past ten years, more than 4,000 Euro.

The perfect Portfolio is therefore not only suitable for risk-averse traders. Anyone who wants to have long-term success in the stock market, and its eyes to the risks and challenges in the new decade, not completely closes, with the "Golden butterfly" an approach that combines equally potential returns and capital protection. FOCUS-MONEY, shows you five simple ETFs, which dominate in the next ten years the markets with ease. You make more of your money!

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"the Golden butterfly" as the ETF-custodian

FOCUS-MONEY shows you how you can recreate it with only five simple and especially cost-effective ETFs, the "Golden butterfly" - Portfolio for every market situation and in the future.

the iShares Core S&P 500

  • shares USA total
  • Fund size in millions of Euro: 28.625
  • Ausschüttungsart: accumulating
  • expense ratio in percent: 0,07

Xtrackers Russell 2000

  • US equities Smallcaps
  • Fund size in millions of Euro: 481
  • Ausschüttungsart: accumulating
  • expense ratio in percent: 0,03

the Lyxor iBoxx USD Treasuries 10+

  • U.S. bonds long-running
  • Fund size Ausschüttungsart in millions of Euro: 329
  • : distribution
  • expense ratio in percent: 0,07

the iShares USD Treasury Bond 1-3yr

  • US-bonds, short
  • Fund size Ausschüttungsart in millions of Euro: 4.408
  • : distribution
  • expense ratio in percent: 0,07


  • Gold
  • Fund size in millions of Euro: 7.384
  • Ausschüttungsart: accumulating
  • expense ratio in percent, with 0.36

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