YouTube Star Julien Bam is the Designer for Aldi!

the YouTube Star Julien Bam designs Streetwear for Aldi Süd Thursday, 16 January 2020, 12.16 PM: Aldi Süd, and the YouTube Star Julien Bam bring out a co

YouTube Star Julien Bam is the Designer for Aldi!
the YouTube Star Julien Bam designs Streetwear for Aldi Süd

Thursday, 16 January 2020, 12.16 PM: Aldi Süd, and the YouTube Star Julien Bam bring out a common collection. The Discounter announced in an official press release. The collection of Street and Dance Wear is available from Monday, 27. January in all of the Aldi Süd stores - both for girls as for boys.

With its collection of "No fire needed" (in English: no need for a brand) wants to counteract the Influencer according to his own statement, the brand's print, the young people are exposed to: "I am of the opinion that a logo Design makes still no cool Style. I want to Express with my collection for Aldi Süd."

Julien Bam is more than five and a half million subscribers as one of the most famous German YouTuber. In his Videos, it's all about Dancing, music and Entertainment. Also from the ProSieben Dance Show of "Masters of Dance", and the end of 2018, is Julien Bam known. There, he was seen as a judge on the Show.

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what time does the Nutri-Score at Aldi?

12.40 PM: The Nutri Score on a five-colored scale whether a food is healthy or not. The Federal Ministry of food introduced the System in Germany. In the Ministry it is expected that the regulation on the new nutrition labelling will be no earlier than the middle of the year, as a spokesperson told the daily mirror. The participation in the System is voluntary.

want to start While the world's largest food manufacturer Nestlé in the first half of the year, for example, Aldi still. The Discounter said on the "daily mirror"-a request that he will introduce the new System, but only if the legal requirements are met. Aldi announced that they will go "quickly in the implementation," if the regulation is in place.

Aldi to raise egg prices - more traders should follow

Wednesday, 15. January 2020, 09.45 p.m.: egg prices have fallen a few days after the new year in motion. the Aldi has raised prices for the 10-pack of cage-free eggs and free-range eggs for 10 cents each. The new rates apply for Friday, a spokesperson of Aldi Süd, the German press told the Agency.

Therefore, costs in the case of Aldi Süd 10 cage-free eggs are now $ 1.29, and 10 eggs from free-range eggs 1,69 euros. Also the self-employed sister company Aldi Nord, these prices apply, such as from an Online survey of the discounter shows.

well-Known Aldi competitor prices also

when Aldi arch-rival Lidl the most eggs sold at ten cents per 10 to become the pack more expensive, Lidl Germany "in the framework of the market, consummation of the change in price is" the price for cage-free eggs at $ 1.29 and free-range eggs at 1,69 Euro adjusted, said a spokeswoman for the company, on Tuesday on request. Colored eggs from Soil conservation per pack of 10 and were, therefore, to 20 cents more expensive and cost now amounts to EUR 1.89.

The new prices for eggs from floor and free-range are estimated by industry observers Matthias Queck, but not a record high. "At this price level they were before," he said. At the beginning of January, a time at which the eggs are able to change prices in the German food trade traditionally. Aldi is considered to be a benchmark for other large food retailers, the track usually within a few days, price changes in the frequently sold products in the lowest price.

Aldi: chocolate is more expensive

Also, some chocolate products have been at the 10. January at Aldi, more expensive. Strongly by almost 20 per cent of the price of pistachio nuts rose. Aldi Nord noted the recent price changes to higher raw material prices. "Generally speaking, we always focus on the development of raw material prices, is not a quality compromise for our customers. The prices down to develop again, we pass the price advantage immediately to our customers," said a spokeswoman for the Essen-based company on request.

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Aldi customer makes disgusting discovery in a can of food

Monday, 13. January 2020, 15.39 at: Many consumers rely on the purchase and consumption of food the date of minimum durability. However, when you Open a tin can sun corn the Aldi own-brand garden crown is a customer of the discounter has now discovered a nauseating discovery: The contents of the can was a large area infested with a fungus, though the Corn should be expired according to the label until the year 2022. REWE - Your market (indicator) is Now food in the comfort of home to order

The affected customer to his disgust-Fund is photographed promptly and contacted the company through Facebook, without the big words: "Mouldy Corn in a straight freshly opened tin."

Aldi Süd apologizes prompt

An employee of the discounter apologized immediately for the customer. "Oh no, this should not actually be so. :-( Sorry! You can food always, even without a receipt, in your branch exchange, and you receive your money back,“ wrote Aldi Süd in Facebook.

A Facebook User turned on, meanwhile, in the conversation, and suspected that the rest has caused the air in the can the premature mould.

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30 inches of fresh snow At the weekend, the Winter is coming to Germany PCP 30 inches of fresh snow At the weekend, the Winter comes to Germany

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