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An evening of classical music remembering Victoria de los Ángeles, with the city at your feet and enjoying one of the most beautiful sunsets just waiting for the streets to be filled with roses and books, is there a better plan to celebrate the Diada of Sant Jordi? The Glòries Tower will congratulate the Jordis and Jordinas with an exclusive promotion

Barcelona, ​​April 22, 2024.- Mirador Torre Glòries celebrates Sant Jordi with a recital in tribute to one of the great Barcelona women of music. The concert, organized by the Victoria de los Ángeles Foundation and Mirador torre Glòries within the framework of the LIFE Victoria festival, will take place next Monday, April 22 at eight in the afternoon. From the 360º viewpoint located on the 30th floor, 125 meters high, Marina Viotti, a mezzo-soprano who has captivated spectators in theaters such as El Liceu or La Scala in Milan, will perform a repertoire accompanied on guitar by Gabriel Bianco. Gifted with innate ability, Victoria de los Ángeles used to surprise the audience by pulling out her guitar, with which she accompanied herself in the encores. Her apparently simple but emotional style, performing classics such as ‘Clavelitos’ or ‘Adiós, Granada’, always drew wild applause. A high-profile tribute to one of the city’s most beloved sopranos. It is a tribute to Victoria de los Ángeles, a one of the greatest figures in the history of poetry and ambassador of Spanish song, always including works by Spanish and Catalan composers in her performances around the world. The recital on the 22nd at the Mirador Torre Glòries is part of the LIFE Victoria cycle—Lied Festival Victoria de los Ángeles, an event of exceptional public interest by the Government of Spain and Year Victoria de los Ángeles by the Generalitat of Catalonia—, which collects the legacy of the Barcelona soprano, whose centenary is celebrated throughout 2024, and which combines three of the facets that defined her: the love of Lied, excellence and the promotion of new talents.”And in the midst of delirium, when There is no longer a single real nightingale in the surrounding area, because they have all fled, defeated, to the Albaicín opposite, so Victoria de los Ángeles goes up to the stage with a guitar and starts off with Goodbye, Granada among a wave of crying and chills. The nightingale must sing twice and Granada says goodbye to a city in goosebumps.” Chronicle by Antonio Gallego Morell published in l’Ideal on July 3, 1957 after a concert by Victoria de los Ángeles in the Alhambra. At the recital on the 22nd you will be able to hear a selection of pieces by great composers and singers such as Pauline Viardot , Léo Ferré, Jacques Brel, Antonio Machín, Carlos Eleta Almarán or Manuel de Falla. An essential event for lovers of lied as a musical genre. Tickets are available at the following link: https://entradas.codetickets.com/entradas/marina-viotti-mezzosoprano-gabriel-bianco-guitarra/45081/fundacionvictoriadelosangeles/online LIFE Victoria  “Marina Viotti

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