ANNOUNCEMENT: According to the Funos report, a quarter of Spaniards would like to be immortal in the metaverse

(Information sent by the signing company).

ANNOUNCEMENT: According to the Funos report, a quarter of Spaniards would like to be immortal in the metaverse

(Information sent by the signing company)

A quarter of Spaniards would like immortality in the metaverse. 32% of the country's citizens would like to be cryogenized. Twenty Spaniards have already contracted a cryogenization service. 22% of Spaniards would like to revive as a humanoid robot. 35% of the population willing to transfer their memory to a digital memory when they die

Funos, the first price comparator for Spanish funeral homes, has just presented its annual report Enlace. The report addresses different trends of the Spanish consumer regarding funeral services, as well as the growing digitization of funerals, and the support of users for sustainable practices. Cryogenics and metaverse The way funerals will be carried out in the future and the treatment that will be given to people after their death is another topic that begins to interest many people. The study revealed that almost a third of Spaniards would like to be cryogenized. By means of this freezing technique it is possible to preserve the body tissues of a deceased person to be revived when a cure is found for the disease that caused their death. 20 Spaniards have already contracted this type of service offered by companies in Spain, the US and other countries. Another new piece of information in the 2022 Funos study is the opinion on funerals in the metaverse. 24% of Spaniards said they were willing to be revived in these virtual environments, which are accessed through computers and virtual reality glasses, after dying. Some companies are already working on it. On the other hand, more than a third of Spaniards would like to transfer their memory to a digital memory to keep it alive and accessible after they die. It would be about recovering the memory stored in the brain and transferring it to some digital memory system. Technologies are also emerging to preserve human memory, once the person has died, and transfer it to computers or humanoid robots. Almost a quarter of Spaniards stated that they would like to be revived in a humanoid robot after dying. Regarding digitization in the funeral field, the trend in Spain continues to grow with 74% of respondents responding that in the future they would contract a service remote funeral home In the US, there is a growing online market for funeral items such as coffins or urns, which can be easily purchased on popular sites such as Amazon, eBay or Alibaba. In fact, 33% of Americans would buy urns online, while 30% would buy coffins."The report has become an essential reference tool for anyone who needs information on the funeral sector in Spain; Spain is a world example in funeral infrastructure, and has cutting-edge companies," says the CEO and founder of Funos, Marc Vallhonesta. "This new study provides insight into consumer trends regarding funeral services," he adds. About FUNOS FUNOS (, the funeral home tracker, is the first online price comparator in the sector. With more than 850,000 visits to its website in the last year, it offers professional, objective and independent advice to accompany family and friends in this delicate situation, while saving 40% on contracting services. of the best funeral homes in the country.

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