ANNOUNCEMENT: ALBOR centers celebrate Black Friday with discounts on their Vocational Training blended cycles

(Information sent by the signing company).

ANNOUNCEMENT: ALBOR centers celebrate Black Friday with discounts on their Vocational Training blended cycles

(Information sent by the signing company).

Until November 25, students who wish to start their hybrid VET studies in February will benefit from a discount on tuition

Two weeks before Black Friday, the Albor educational group has launched a campaign to facilitate access to blended Vocational Training for students who wish to start in February 2023 at their centers in Jerez, Córdoba or Campo de Gibraltar the cycles of Oral Hygiene, Diagnostic Imaging and Nuclear Medicine, Social Integration, Health Documentation and Administration, and Auxiliary Nursing Care. With this campaign, students will be able to benefit from a discount of 45 euros on enrollment, 50% less.

ALBOR is part of the ILERNA group, a leader in Vocational Training, which has more than thirty Intermediate and Higher Level training cycles. Now, thanks to Black Friday, during this month of November the group offers a discount on the enrollment of the distance Vocational Training cycles and in the payment of the enrollment of the hybrid cycles. All online training registrations made during the days of the promotion will be able to obtain a discount of up to 130 euros and 45 euros on hybrid training registration, which includes reinforced online training with face-to-face support for six hours a week at ILERNA centers and DAWN.

Thus, ALBOR will apply direct discounts on all registrations that include two or more subjects and that take place on one of the four Fridays in November or during the last week of the month. Enrollments in the blended modality that are made until November 25 may reflect the discount.

Official Vocational Training in Andalusia The ALBOR educational group has three Official Vocational Training centers in Andalusia (one in Córdoba and two in the province of Cádiz, one in Jerez and one in Campo de Gibraltar), focused on providing Vocational Training for health branches and socio-sports.

The ILERNA group plans to double the offer of ALBOR Cádiz with the new campus that it is developing in the old Croft de Jerez winery, with an investment of 5.4 million euros, which will have more than 8,000 m2 for educational spaces, sports courts, gym, paddle tennis courts, student residence, restaurant and leisure services, and other services for more than 2,000 students of 22 FP degrees.

The new impetus for the project at its headquarters on Avenida María Montessori adds to the new facilities that ALBOR Córdoba has been promoting since last year in the old facilities of Agrónomos.

On the other hand, thanks to its distance offer, the ILERNA Online educational method opens the doors to freedom and flexibility in training, since its students can choose the pace of study and duration of the cycle, which allows them to better combine life personal, professional and educational. Added to this is the high employability of VT, which has already surpassed university studies in the job offers made by companies and is consolidated as the best option for finding a job.

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