ANNOUNCEMENT: Beko partners with Youreko to help consumers choose with Energy Savings Tool


ANNOUNCEMENT: Beko partners with Youreko to help consumers choose with Energy Savings Tool

ISTANBUL, Nov. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Beko, one of Europe's leading home appliance brands*, is pleased to announce its integration with Youreko, an energy efficiency tool that helps consumers make sustainable choices and Understand the financial costs of running when choosing new appliances.

The integration of the Youreko tool on the Beko website, shows consumers information about the energy efficiency of Beko appliances compared to traditional models and about the money that consumers could save in the long term with the manufacturer's appliances . The tool complements Beko's listings for washing machines, washer-dryers, dryers, dishwashers, fridges and freezers.

The partnership with Youreko, which is already operational on Beko's UK website, will also be implemented on Beko's websites in Romania and Poland, helping consumers across Europe to calculate their savings potential.

Resource efficiency is a key priority for Beko, especially in the current economic and climate environment. This integration with Youreko is an extension of the brand's ongoing commitment to offer products to its consumers to encourage sustainable living.

The tool helps consumers on Beko websites by providing more information about the energy consumption and economic cost of running a particular appliance. Using an easy-to-read gold, silver or bronze rating system, the tool pinpoints where the most money and energy can be saved, helping consumers make more informed purchasing decisions.

By integrating Youreko into its products, Beko can also make an intelligent recommendation to consumers based on a product's energy efficiency rating. This calculation is based on a comparison with a more traditional and similar model of the appliance.

Akin Garzanli, Marketing Director of Arçelik, of which Beko is one of its key brands, commented: "At Beko, we are aware that consumers want to be well informed when making a big purchase decision, especially home appliances that are going to last a long time. Of course, given the current financial landscape, every penny saved counts. We hope that with the integration of Youreko in our web pages, we will help our consumers make informed decisions that are relevant to them."

The Youreko energy saving tool is available for use on the Beko UK website, with multiple products helping consumers improve sustainable living at home.

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Acerca de Beko:

Beko is the international home appliance brand of Arçelik, which is a multinational home appliance manufacturer that operates with 12 brands and employs more than 45,000 people worldwide. It is one of the three major household appliance brands in Europe* in the white line sector.

Beko has been focusing on healthy living for years, raising awareness and developing products that make healthy living possible and convenient. The mission of the Beko brand is "healthy living is only possible on a healthy planet". Beko is committed to protecting the planet by designing and manufacturing energy efficient products and investing in resource efficiency in production.

*Source Euromonitor International Limited; Major Appliances according to "Major Appliances" in Consumer Appliances 2022ed, retail sales volume, 2021 data. For more information, visit

About Youreko:

Youreko's energy saving tool presents the energy efficiency of products in financial terms on manufacturers' and retailers' websites. This enables people to understand the impact of energy efficiency on their portfolio, helping them on their buying journey.

Youreko's innovative approach to energy efficiency also provides manufacturers and retailers with an effective way to market their efficient products. The best products stand out clearly when people can see the real financial benefit of buying a more efficient appliance.

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