ANNOUNCEMENT: China Central Academy of Fine Arts Launches Global Website


ANNOUNCEMENT: China Central Academy of Fine Arts Launches Global Website

BEIJING, Nov. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), the most prestigious and renowned in China, has launched a new website, CAFA Global. The online portal will serve as an authoritative channel for art lovers, art institutions, art schools, as well as other organizations and individuals from around the world, who can now learn about CAFA through the global web.

The institution will use the website to share content that includes information on international admissions, school news, the latest research results, international cooperation projects, details of renowned faculty and alumni, and updates on life in the campus. This move will increase CAFA's exposure on a global scale, while increasing its visibility and attracting more international students to enroll. The website is now available at //

"CAFA Global website, CAFA's window to the world, allows the world to learn about the history and contemporary development of this hundred-year-old leading art institution in China, especially its disciplinary construction, curriculum characteristics, educational methods as well as the works of teachers and students," said FAN Di'an, President of CAFA. "Furthermore, the global website gives us the opportunity to communicate with arts and other institutions around the world on various common topics relevant to art and arts education in the global context and to establish future-oriented collaborations."

CAFA already hosts a diverse and international environment. More than 40% of CAFA's faculty have work or study experience abroad, infusing them with a global perspective. In fact, many of them are also world-renowned artists.

For example, Liu Xiaodong, a professor in the oil painting department, is a highly celebrated contemporary Chinese artist. His large-scale works have been considered a kind of historical instant painting for the emerging world. He was also a leading figure during the rise of Chinese neo-realist painters in the 1990s. Another example is Professor Xu Bing, a figure known for printmaking and installation art. He received a place in the MacArthur Scholarship Program in 1999 and won the Fukuoka Prize in 2003.

To increase the international atmosphere of the academy, CAFA organizes visits from many of the world's leading art teachers who act as visiting professors. One of the visiting professors was Harvard University design professor Remment Koolhaas, a Dutch architect, architectural theorist, and urban planner who was awarded the 2000 Pritzker Prize for Architecture.

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