ANNOUNCEMENT: Clario extends its leadership in the delivery of decentralized clinical trials (DCT) and hybrid

New data shows that Clario has helped more than 2.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Clario extends its leadership in the delivery of decentralized clinical trials (DCT) and hybrid

New data shows that Clario has helped more than 2.6 million patients participate in life-changing clinical trials of innovative new medicines through decentralized and hybrid technology solutions

PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Clario, a healthcare technology company offering leading site-based, hybrid and decentralized clinical trial (DCT) endpoint solutions, today announced the launch of new data confirming its leadership as a provider of remote data collection technologies that enable decentralized and hybrid clinical trials. Clario's remote data collection technologies have been leveraged by more than 2.6 million study participants in more than 4,000 clinical trials to test more than 1,000 compounds across multiple therapeutic areas and geographies in the nearly 20 years the company has been providing these solutions.

"Clario recognized 20 years ago that there was a need to develop tools and technology to enable data collection for clinical trials outside of the clinical setting. We saw that patients and sponsors needed more flexibility and launched our first technology for remote data collection" explained Terry Burke, executive vice president of eCOA at Clario. "Since then, we have continued to develop and offer a variety of solutions for remote and secure data collection, so we were well positioned to help our customers from the start of the pandemic, minimizing disruptions to patients' lives and maximizing trial continuity. And, going forward, the demand for hybrid trials is only increasing with the demand for greater efficiency in clinical trial operations."

Clario DCT technologies span the company's solution categories, including eCOA, Medical Imaging, Cardiac Safety, Respiratory and Precision Motion, providing customers with a full range of options from a single vendor, potentially reducing the number of vendors of technology involved in their studies. All of Clario's remote data collection technologies are designed from the patient's perspective because study participants, rather than trained clinicians, will be responsible for collecting the critical endpoint data that influences trial conclusions.

"We are proud that Clario DCT technologies reduce the pain and complexity of recruitment, enrollment and participation and help open research to communities around the world, increasing diversity and inclusion in clinical research," he said. Jay Ferro, Clario's chief information and technology officer. "At the same time, it is our responsibility to be vigilant about data privacy and maintain data quality with new endpoint data collection methods. With our track record of success and decades of technological and scientific experience, we are able to offer our customers solutions they can trust for their DCT and hybrid clinical trials."

For more information on how to achieve certain results with Clario precision endpoint technology and services for virtual or hybrid assays, please visit the link page on the Clario website.

About Clario Clario is a leading technology company that generates the industry's most comprehensive clinical evidence for our pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device partners. Through decentralized, site-based trials, our deep scientific expertise, global scale, and the broadest endpoint technology platform in the industry enable our partners to transform lives. Clario's Trial Anywhere™ solutions have been powering decentralized and hybrid clinical trials (DCT) for over 20 years, enabling sponsors to collect high-quality endpoint data from any modality or location, while improving the experience and patient diversity. Clario has the only technology platform that combines eCOA, cardiac safety, medical imaging, precision motion, and respiratory endpoints. With 30 facilities in nine countries, Clario's global team of science, technology and operations experts have helped conduct more than 19,000 trials and 870 regulatory approvals for more than 5 million patients in 120 countries. Our innovation has been transforming clinical trials for 50 years.

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