ANNOUNCEMENT: Crideo launches its maker registration campaign

(Information sent by the signing company).

ANNOUNCEMENT: Crideo launches its maker registration campaign

(Information sent by the signing company)

This new marketplace invites its users to design, manufacture and share their creations on the first digital craft platform of its kind

On November 17, the pre-registration period ends for Crideo, the marketplace maker that has come to revolutionize the world of e-commerce. Thanks to digital manufacturing, the team based in Santa Cruz de Tenerife is able to connect local producers with clients, companies and institutions alike, "we put these innovative technologies at the service of the client, whatever their need" declares Óscar Garcia Puche, the founder. Hundreds of maker workshops and interested businesses at a national and international level, as well as the institutional collaboration of entities such as CEOE Tenerife, FGULL, EOI or Impact Hub Hamburg, make access to these cutting-edge technologies ever closer to the general public. From a common commitment to sustainable development and social causes, the association with the Sakata3D Filaments company from Granada and Winkle from Salamanca arises; Both are benchmarks in the manufacture of 3D printing filaments in Spain, with a combined presence in more than 24 countries. This international cooperation allows us to bring Crideo's vision closer to the democratization of these tools. The Sakata3D board praises the commitment that unites them: "it is an innovative idea where both beginners and experts in the 3D printing sector can find a common space to share and develop projects." In addition, they guarantee the integration of their maker communities in the new platform proposed by Crideo, thus enjoying these new companies a privileged showcase. Likewise, Winkle does not hesitate to state that "we needed something like Crideo, a community open to all kinds of where 3D printing can be disseminated". They also identify with the avant-garde factor that Crideo brings to the equation: "We are all Crideo" they declare, "The beginning of the 3D revolution!" But this does not end here, and it is that another strategic alliance comes hand in hand of the Basque company GoMakers, official distributor of leading brands in the market and specialized in training through digital platforms, regardless of the level of the user or the tool used. Thanks to this latest collaboration, an introductory manual for this sector, free of charge for any user; not only for beginners, but also designed to expand the creative horizon of those professionals in this industry. These and other agreements allow Crideo to offer an effective solution to three major problems in the sector: the growing difficulty in reaching new audiences, the complexity and procedures in shipments, as well as the supply of both raw materials and tools. The union of all these factors has caused an explosion of creativity in the sector and an increasingly strong desire for responsible purchases, all of which makes this is the perfect time to promote the fourth industrial revolution; the perfect time for anyone to design, manufacture and share their designs with the world. The pre-registration period to be part of this innovative marketplace ends on November 17.

ContactContact name: Óscar García PucheContact description: Óscar García PucheContact telephone number: 619836316

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