ANNOUNCEMENT: Dreame Technology Redefines AI-Based Cleaning


ANNOUNCEMENT: Dreame Technology Redefines AI-Based Cleaning

BEIJING, Nov. 8, 2022/PRNewswire/ -- Dreame Technology, a leading fast-growing smart home appliance company, will launch its latest AI robot vacuum cleaner, DreameBot D10s Pro in November. DreameBot D10s Pro makes smart automated cleaning a reality with AI-powered obstacle recognition, advanced LDS mapping, and 5,000Pa powerful suction.

D10s Pro applies a massive 5,000Pa suction and a versatile bristleless rubber brush - which goes deep into carpets to shake out underlying dust, grabs dirt from hard floors and prevents hair from tangling - to give your home a comprehensive cleaning. These features make the D10s Pro perfect for families with pets.

Although the D10s Pro is a robot vacuum cleaner without a base station, it is equipped with advanced AI and LDS obstacle avoidance, a powerful technology often seen in high-end products. With this technology, the D10s Pro offers a truly hands-off approach to cleaning. The AI ​​accurately identifies and avoids obstacles, pinpoints rooms to recommend cleaning strategies, and quickly builds maps of your home to deliver effective and efficient cleaning so no point is missed.

D10s Pro intelligently recognizes and avoids obstacles in the home. The lasers detect the shape and distance of the object and the RGB camera captures the environment to help the AI ​​recognize the different obstacles in the home, such as electrical cables, toys, etc. As a result, the D10s Pro reacts to different types of obstacles with tailored avoidance strategies, determining factors such as how far the robot must approach an obstacle to stay out of trouble.

With the Dreamehome app, you can activate the remote video monitoring function and get a robot view of your home to monitor your home, your pets or even your children from wherever you are.

DreameBot D10s Pro has a 5,200 mAh battery that provides up to 280 minutes of continuous cleaning. When power runs out, the robot automatically recharges itself and then picks up cleaning from where it left off to ensure your entire home is clean.

With D10s Pro, Dreame Technology dares to make AI auto cleaning more convenient and accessible to everyone

D10s Pro will be available from MSD in early November.

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