ANNOUNCEMENT: FLEXA returns to Spain: a unique store for children and adults in the center of Madrid

(Information sent by the signing company).

ANNOUNCEMENT: FLEXA returns to Spain: a unique store for children and adults in the center of Madrid

(Information sent by the signing company)

Its official inauguration has been attended by renowned professionals, accompanied by their children, who have been able to discover the facilities of this new children's furniture and decoration items store, as well as enjoy its toys and planned animations

The Danish brand FLEXA, a specialist in the design and development of children's furniture, interiors and toys, returns to Spain again with the intention of expanding. It began its activity in August of this year in the heart of Barcelona with its flagship store and now it opens in the heart of Madrid, with its privileged location on Calle Velázquez in the capital.This weekend the official inauguration of this new store and has counted, in addition to managers from the company's headquarters, with multiple renowned professionals from different sectors and influencers accompanied by their children such as: María Castro, Esther Acebo, Cristina Boscá, Carola Baleztena, Mariam Hernández, Marta Romo, Daniela del Toro, Lucía and Sofía Fernández Roca, Allende, Adriana R. Landa, Carla Bruzón, Beatriz Espejel, Clara Muñiz, Dánae Marquez, Emilia Alfaro, Inés Martín Alcalde, Lucía Losada, Elena Perelli, Andrea Gara, Marta Pereira, María Fernández Fajardo, Verónica Sánchez, Raquel López… All of them have known the installations, furniture and children's decoration items of FLEXA, they have had a fun time with their toys, while they have enjoyed fruity of the party designed with different animations, performances and gifts. According to Nuria Solé, director of FLEXA Spain, "it has been a great experience to receive all of Madrid's society accompanied by their families in our new store; to see the enthusiasm shown towards FLEXA by all of them, as well as to feel the warm welcome they have shown by the brand, which reappears again in Spain through its own stores". In short, the first day of open doors has registered a great success in attendance and sales, "the inauguration has been a complete success, a fact that fully satisfies us and it strengthens us in our objective of continuing to expand in the Spanish market and to resume contact with our national customers", Solé declared. For 50 years, FLEXA has been synonymous with joy for children all over the world. A fun style and purely Danish design can be found in their furniture, interiors and toys. All this combined with the highest standards of quality and safety. FLEXA products are also made of durable materials. They are articles designed to adapt to children as they grow and so they can enjoy them for many years. FLEXA offers proven solutions, with a special focus on everything to do with children's sleep, play and study. FLEXA is headquartered in Denmark and has 150 stores in Europe, the United States and Asia. In addition, its products can also be found in more than 1,000 retail stores on the European continent, of which 300 are shop-in-shop. FLEXA IN SPAIN FLEXA landed in Spain two decades ago. "In 2002 we opened our first store in Barcelona. It was one of the first FLEXA store franchises in Europe. Also, at the beginning of that decade we opened stores in Madrid, Palma de Mallorca, Valencia, Bilbao and Seville. Between 2008 and 2010 we had 14 stores throughout Spain. Our goal today is to open our own stores throughout the country and meet the needs of our market," said Lasse Ærthøj Jensen, International Retail Director at FLEXA.

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