ANNOUNCEMENT: García-Carrión opens the doors of its winery in Ribera del Duero: Viña Arnáiz

(Information sent by the signing company).

ANNOUNCEMENT: García-Carrión opens the doors of its winery in Ribera del Duero: Viña Arnáiz

(Information sent by the signing company)

Madrid, October 24, 2022. García-Carrión, the first winery in Europe and fourth in the world, opens the doors of its Viña Arnáiz winery in Ribera del Duero starting this week. Visitors to Viña Arnáiz, under the slogan A window into history. A sea of ​​vineyards, you will be able to learn about the history of this particular winery and enjoy the spectacular landscape made up of more than 100 hectares of vineyards that surround the winery.

The Spanish wine sector has a great reputation, thanks to the quality and flavor of our wines, which is why some activities linked to this sector, such as wine tourism, are gaining more and more followers. García-Carrión, with the promotion of this activity, will bring wine culture closer to tourists in the Ribera del Duero region —one of the most prestigious denominations of origin in our country—, as well as all the secrets that winemaking hides .

The Viña Arnáiz winery is located in Haza (Burgos), which is a leading enclave in the history of Castile and has become the cradle of illustrious characters in the region, such as Juana de Aza, whose legend is part of the history of the cellar. In addition, this winery unites the legacy of Juana de Aza with that of Fala Corujo, vice president of García-Carrión and a pioneer woman in the wine sector in Spain for acquiring this winery more than 20 years ago.

Wine tourists will not only be able to visit the winery, but also discover, step by step, how these peculiar wines are made under one of the most prestigious denominations of origin and enjoy one of the experiences offered in the winery, which include a tasting of the wines produced at Viña Arnáiz, while learning about the use of technology and viticulture 4.0 and its application in winemaking.

Viña Arnáiz is the cradle of some of the most emblematic wines of the family winery, as is the case of its Viña Arnáiz brand, a premium range and the winery's seal; Mayor de Castilla, a wine with a history that brings the quality of Ribera del Duero wines closer to all consumers; Pata Negra, the multi-D brand. O. most awarded and that is also present in Ribera del Duero; and Castillo de Aza, a tribute to the region, especially aimed at the Horeca channel. These wines, along with their other brands and products, can be purchased at the winery's own store.

The historic winery stands out for its innovative character, built with the natural process that winemaking follows in mind, but incorporating the latest cutting-edge technology to produce wines of the highest quality. The vineyards of Viña Arnáiz are cultivated using viticulture 4.0, which allows the development and maturation of the grape to be monitored and followed in order to make the best decisions during winemaking.

This winery, built with 100% recovered materials —granite stone, wooden beams, etc., which fit perfectly into the Castilian environment— and located in Empty Spain, is a strategic pillar for invigorating the region and contributes to the creation of employment. In addition, from now on, it will also help boost tourism in this region of Ribera del Duero.

People who want to visit the winery can now book their visits at, by writing to or by calling 900 1980 90.


The GARCÍA CARRIÓN family, the first winery in Europe and the fourth in the world, has a great winemaking tradition behind it. Through five generations and for more than 130 years, it works daily to seek excellence and the best quality of its wines within everyone's reach. Currently, the company exports to more than 150 countries and has prestigious wines in 12 DOs and under the Don Simón brand, which covers a wide range of products, occupying first or second position in each of them. food market.

The GARCÍA CARRÓN family is a leader not only for what it does, but also for how and why it does it. The family business develops high-quality products, but prioritizing the use of renewable energies such as bioenergy, respect for biodiversity, the creation of stable work and the responsible use of natural resources in the production of products.

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