ANNOUNCEMENT: HelloBB launches a new version of its App to create unlimited birth lists

(Information sent by the signing company).

ANNOUNCEMENT: HelloBB launches a new version of its App to create unlimited birth lists

(Information sent by the signing company)

The application allows future mothers and fathers to make birth lists with objects from any store and brand and is available for iPhone and Android

The arrival of a baby triggers the purchase of numerous objects for parenting. From cribs and strollers to pacifiers and lollipops, the expense is substantial and often family and friends contribute gifts. To organize it, expectant mothers and fathers usually set their preferences in so-called birth lists. HelloBB offers a digital alternative for those who prefer to manage this entire process without being tied to a specific store. The new version of the App offers expectant mothers and fathers total flexibility to choose the baby items they want, regardless of what brand they are and where they end up being purchased. The application is intended to help especially new parents, who are often feel disoriented when starting to make decisions. HelloBB combines technology and careful educational content to accompany them throughout the process of discovering what they really need. The newly created platform is having a great reception among the current generations of mothers and fathers, who feel comfortable in the digital world. This year, more than 10,000 families have used HelloBB to make their lists. HelloBB continues to work to help new families get everything they need for their babies. After the success of virtual piggy banks, which allow money to be collected for expenses such as diapers, creams or vaccines, the company is developing new features that will allow services, help and favors to be included in birth lists.About HelloBBHelloBB is a digital birth list that allows future families to identify and obtain everything they need for the birth of their babies in a more flexible, personal and sensible way. More information: Web Instagram Facebook

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