ANNOUNCEMENT: Hipoges joins Black Friday with discounts on more than 3,600 properties

(Information sent by the signing company).

ANNOUNCEMENT: Hipoges joins Black Friday with discounts on more than 3,600 properties

(Information sent by the signing company)

The company launches an aggressive price reduction that reaches 60%, being on average higher than 30%. By areas, Madrid, Catalonia and Levante concentrate the largest number of discounts

Hipoges, the leading servicer in the sector in Spain, did not want to miss out on the opportunity to join the well-known "Black Friday" and is launching an aggressive campaign with discounts on more than 3,600 properties.

The price reductions are very notable, reaching an average of 30%, in some cases reaching a 60% reduction on the initial price, which represents a really important saving for the buyer.

With this campaign, the company wants buyers to be able to opt for a wide variety of properties throughout Spain, with Catalonia, Madrid and Levante being the areas with the highest concentration of discounts.

As for the type of properties included in the campaign, the houses stand out, as could not be otherwise, but also include premises, warehouses and garages, thus satisfying the needs of all types of client.

On the website, the Hipoges real estate portal, you can find all the information on the characteristics of the assets affected by Black Friday.

About Hypoges

Founded in 2008, Hipoges is currently a reference platform in the Asset Management sector with more than 46,000 million euros in assets under management. These assets include residential and foreclosed mortgages, developer loans, unsecured consumer loans, SME loans and loans from large corporations with collateral of various types and invoices with the Administration. In addition, Hipoges also offers advice on the valuation and purchase process, advice on process design and implementation of management tools, as well as management solutions for various assets and investment.

Hipoges manages these activities thanks to a team of more than 1,200 people in 4 countries (Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy) and its own advanced technological platform that allows establishing the optimal work strategy for each asset.


Contact name: Hipoges Communication

Contact description: Contact telephone number: 658030331


Caption: The servicer Hipoges launches its Black Friday campaign

Author: Hypoges

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