ANNOUNCEMENT: Iceland's first family resort is just a few months away

REYKJAVIK, Iceland, Nov.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Iceland's first family resort is just a few months away

REYKJAVIK, Iceland, Nov. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Legendary Hotels and Resorts are making a significant investment in Iceland's hospitality industry, building the country's first family resort. Costing several billion kronor, the exciting project is currently in its final phase before approval, and is set to go live at the end of 2023.

Converting an existing hotel, together with more than 50ha of land, the family complex will be located in the South Island, very close to several of the main tourist attractions. With stables, a large riding arena and areas for equestrian sports, the complex will have many other attractions, such as miniature golf, an ice rink, ping-pong facilities, a shooting range and endless opportunities to enjoy sports and leisure, with something for everyone, at any age.

For rest and relaxation, there will also be a cinema with a lineup of great movies, snacks and cozy blankets, a spa with facilities including cryosaunas, Jacuzzis, a gym and yoga rooms, and for tired and stressed parents to unwind. with complete peace of mind, there will also be a playground and childcare services for children. Teens will also have their own graffiti wall.

The company expects an average of 30-40% local visitors, while international tourists make up the rest of the hotel's population. The average stay will reach five nights, as the hotel has many fantastic facilities.

Legendary Hotels and Resorts CEO and Founder Dmitrijs Stals said

'On behalf of everyone at Legendary Hotels and Resorts, we would like to extend our sincere thanks to the Municipality of Iceland for their hospitality and support of this and our other projects throughout the country. It is an exciting project, with many benefits for families in Iceland and other countries. We are impatient to inaugurate the complex, which will be on a par with the best in the world."

About Legendary Hotels and Resorts ehf:

Legendary Hotels and Resorts huh. is a company incorporated in Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland, and will continue to look for new opportunities in Northern Europe and beyond. The close-knit team cares deeply about the satisfaction and happiness of each and every guest, and each hotel concept is created using decades of experience in the hospitality industry, along with feasibility studies conducted by the four big accounting firms: a safe and reliable investment, with a lot of growth potential. Don't miss out on this space.

Contact: Madara Kviesite

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