ANNOUNCEMENT: Mail Boxes Etc. inaugurates a new center in Tordesillas, Valladolid

(Information sent by the signing company).

ANNOUNCEMENT: Mail Boxes Etc. inaugurates a new center in Tordesillas, Valladolid

(Information sent by the signing company)

Mail Boxes inaugurates a new center in the town of Tordesillas, province of Valladolid. With this new opening there are already 10 establishments that the MBE brand has located in the Community of Castilla y León

Mail Boxes Etc. opens a new location in the community of Castilla y León. This new centre, MBE 3310, is managed by Víctor Ferreiro, the new MBE franchisee, and is located at Plaza Pepe Zorita, 4, in the town of Tordesillas (Valladolid).

MBE 3310 is specialized in shipments and parcels from Tordesillas, managing from envelopes with documentation to packages of all kinds both nationally and internationally. It also offers professional custom packaging, as well as logistics services for e-commerce companies such as storage and stocking as well as the preparation and delivery of your orders. Finally, the MBE 3310 is capable of graphic design and printing tasks in addition to other services.

The establishment's hours are from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. and its services can be contracted through the website

The MBE franchise in Castilla y León With this new center in Tordesillas, Mail Boxes Etc. already has 10 centers in Castilla y León, of which 4 are in the province of Valladolid. All of them offer their services to clients of all profiles: SMEs, freelancers, individuals, students, families... The logistics service being the most demanded and the company the most common profile.

In Spain, the Mail Boxes Etc. network is made up of more than 250 centers and more than 2,900 worldwide, being the leading global franchise in services for companies and individuals.

What services and products does Mail Boxes Etc. offer?

Mail Boxes Etc. helps individuals and companies by offering personalized and value-added services, with the aim of making some of the processes of the main functions of companies, such as logistics and marketing, more efficient, and that due to their size or structure do not have a specific department for these functions.

The main services that the brand makes available to its customers are:

• National and international shipments

• Logistics for e-commerce

• Packaging

• Graphic design and printing

• Domiciliation

• Office supplies


Contact name: Dalila Garcia

Contact Description: Retail Network Development

Contact phone: 34 933 624 730

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