ANNOUNCEMENT: Praxis Tech Announces New Features and Updates to Enhance Current Offering

LIMASSOL, Cyprus, Nov.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Praxis Tech Announces New Features and Updates to Enhance Current Offering

LIMASSOL, Cyprus, Nov. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Praxis Tech Ltd announces new and enhanced features to its product offering with enhanced Verification and Mass Action features.

Praxis Tech Ltd, a financial technology software company, enables online businesses to achieve sustainable growth through seamless online payment solutions. Offering its services across the globe, Praxis has announced multiple releases of new features on its platform. In an ongoing effort to improve the world of online payments, Praxis aims to serve all the needs of businesses spanning a wide range of industries, releasing new features on a fortnightly basis.

The latest features announced by Praxis include a bulk action feature, an improved verification feature, multiple selection of customer profiles, and new currencies and countries added to the Praxis dashboard.

One of the most desired features is the verification function, created with merchant and customer security in mind. The verification feature allows merchants to be informed of transactions that need to be "verified" and handled with the correct information about a specific transaction. This ensures that there are no discrepancies between the CRM, the PSP and the Praxis dashboard. Such discrepancies can be common within online deposits, and this feature acts as a safety net to keep track of all mismatched transactions. The verification feature is continually being worked on to add more security and control for merchants.

The launch of the "Bulk Action" feature ensures that merchants minimize the time spent analyzing transactions in "Pending" status, due to a delay in receiving the final notification status of a Payment Solution. Instead of having to manually check each transaction individually, up to 20 transactions can now be selected and checked at once in bulk.

Gateway configuration in the Praxis Back Office allows merchants full control over where, when and how payments are taken through each payment solution gateway. "Profiles" can be assigned to customers, for example VIP customers or customers from specific locations. Praxis' new feature allows merchants to add multiple profiles to gateway filter currencies, to allow for easier setup and avoid unnecessary gateway setup clutter.

New Praxis features allow for easier payment management. Additionally, Praxis has added new currencies and countries to its dashboard. Five new currencies have been added, as well as two new countries, allowing traders to expand into new markets.

"Our functions are always based on the needs of our merchants. At the end of the day, we have to listen to our customers in order to serve them in the best possible way. Our dedication to improving our product is continuous and we are always ready to embrace it. I'm really excited about the additional features we're currently working on. We've just added some amazing new payment methods for LATAM and can't wait to see how they fit into our ecosystem." - Founder and CEO, Amit Klatchko

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