ANNOUNCEMENT: The ESKUTE electric bicycle brand presents important improvements in its electrical system


ANNOUNCEMENT: The ESKUTE electric bicycle brand presents important improvements in its electrical system

LONDON, Nov. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- ESKUTE, a fast-growing electric bicycle company, has marked its fourth year of operations with extensive electrical system upgrades for its two-wheelers, primarily covering batteries and engines.

"Since the inception of our fast-growing brand, our products have been well received around the world for the convenience they bring to our users' lives," said Alan Chan, CEO of ESKUTE. "We have updated the electrical system of all our models to improve the quality of our products and the riding experience, bringing our bikes up to the expectations of our customers."

The team has upgraded ESKUTE's batteries with Samsung cells, increasing the battery capacity from 10Ah to 14.5Ah, allowing for longer driving distances. Bafang motors have also been upgraded, making them more powerful, quieter and have a lower failure rate.

ESKUTE understands that motors and batteries have long been pain points for customers. Typically, a failure of the electrical system means that the entire motor or battery needs to be replaced and, in some cases, the bike needs to be returned. Replacing components or returning the bike is time consuming for customers and can be expensive. ESKUTE hopes to reduce the occurrence of these problems with its updates covering the Netuno and Polluno models.

The company also wants to return customers for their loyal support in the run-up to the holiday season. From November 22 to 29, the ESKUTE official website and the Amazon store will carry out promotions for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. The company will offer cumulative discounts with other promotions. Lucky riders will also have a chance to win bike giveaways like frame bags or saddles. ESKUTE will also guarantee free home delivery.

"This Black Friday, we want to express our thanks and appreciation to all of our loyal users," said Alan. "We always put our customers first and listen to their suggestions, while providing them with quality products and after-sales services."

After four years of operation, the company is also ready to expand its product portfolio. Next year, ESKUTE will launch a series of fat tire bikes to give customers more choice. Another goal of ESKUTE for the future is to optimize its local aftermarket channel to help both sellers and customers. ESKUTE aims to alleviate this burden for both customers and vendors by decisively increasing investment and optimizations in the product supply chain. ESKUTE will give priority to improving product quality and after-sales service.

While focusing on the R&D and production of durable and profitable bicycles, ESKUTE also aims to attract more local partners to strengthen the company's offline channels in the local market. In this way, the company will strive to provide more convenient help to customers in local after-sales service, while improving brand recognition and expanding sales.


Founded in 2019, ESKUTE is a fast-growing electric bicycle company born from the idea of ​​providing customers with a sustainable means of transportation at an affordable price. The company currently has a factory in Poland that can supply products to warehouses in the UK and Poland, and provides fast 5-8 day delivery within Europe. As it expands, Eskute plans to open a second factory in Poland to increase production and offices in various cities in the UK and Germany shortly.

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