ANNOUNCEMENT: The MagicMuseum By Yunke is experiencing a successful season in 2022

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ANNOUNCEMENT: The MagicMuseum By Yunke is experiencing a successful season in 2022

(Information sent by the signing company)

The Magician Yunke Museum is located in Peñíscola and, after a few difficult years of the pandemic, it will experience a successful season in 2022, reaching 90% occupancy in shows and 65% in visits to the museum

The recently experienced pandemic caused the imposition of many restrictions that led to the paralysis of activities that were previously carried out regularly. Over time, the improvement in the situation has allowed these restrictions to be lifted and has made it possible to reactivate cultural activities, such as visits to museums. The MagicMuseum By Yunke located in Peñíscola is a clear example of that the elimination of these restrictions has allowed citizens to return to visit museums en masse. In the words of Magician Yunke: "We are very happy with the season we are living in this 2022. It is the sixth year in which the museum is open and, after going through a pandemic in which we have lived through two very difficult years, this is being the best year". The museum is experiencing a totally successful season, as the occupancy figures are around 90% and 75% in terms of live shows and visits to the museum, respectively. "It is very noticeable that people really wanted to return to normality to walk through the streets of Peñíscola, go to the beach and, of course, do cultural tourism by visiting the museum to learn about the history of magic and enjoy the shows at night," says Yunke. After 25 years creating magic around the world, Yunke and his team decided to create the MagicMuseum By Yunke with the aim of offering all the people who spend their holidays in the city of Peñíscola a unique experience. The museum has highly sought-after collector's items from the world of magic. You can find and learn about the mysteries and secrets best kept by some of the most illustrious magicians of all time, such as Robert-Houdin's fascinating automaton illusions, Harry Houdini's "Chinese Torture Chamber" or Howard Thurston's tricks. , who was capable of sawing women in half and levitating his assistants above the stage. In addition, many nights the museum offers the possibility of seeing magic shows by the best Spanish magicians. These shows seek to enjoy from the smallest of the family to the oldest. Among the magicians who have performed at the MagicMuseum By Yunke are Yunke himself, the magician Jorge Blass, the magician Patricia Ferrero or the magician Jandro. "The amazement produced by magic is doubled when entering the museum. I thought it would be a tiny place made with a lot of love and with some photos, but I have found a cathedral of magic where you can see magic everywhere. Also, made with knowledge and love. Therefore, it feels like an amazing, wonderful place and the word that can perfectly define it is magical", says magician Juan Tamariz about the museum. Ticket prices range from €8 to €16 and can be purchased on the museum's website.

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