ANNOUNCEMENT: This is the new collection of solid perfumes, very durable, by Di Oleo

(Information sent by the signing company).

ANNOUNCEMENT: This is the new collection of solid perfumes, very durable, by Di Oleo

(Information sent by the signing company)

The brand launches its line of solid, vegan and sustainable perfumes, made with 100% natural and environmentally friendly ingredients

Everything returns to its course, to its roots, and natural cosmetics does too. What is good for you should also be good for the environment and that is why Di Oleo has launched a line of solid, vegan and sustainable perfumes that keep the most delicious fragrances on the skin for hours. It is a line of five perfumes , three for women and two for men, although all with the possibility of being unisex as they are made up of fragrances as universal as chocolate, jasmine, vanilla, caramel or geraniums, made from 100% natural ingredients, extracted directly from plants, vegetables and essential oils, without alcohol, free of toxins and preservatives. Solid perfumes are the natural and vegan alternative to traditional colognes, making the beauty routine more sustainable, not only because of its ingredients and its formulation to based on extra virgin olive oil, candelilla wax, essential oils and natural fragrances, respectful of nature, but also because it comes in a practical carbon tube. Biodegradable toner, perfect to carry in your bag or travel, with the possibility of applying it at any time and situation without disturbing the environment. Being solid, it does not evaporate, increasing the fixation of the aroma and making its effect more lasting. Its formula based on essential oils moisturizes, does not alter the PH and increases aroma fixation. Di Oleo's solid perfumes are purer and do not irritate the skin, making them ideal for the most sensitive skin. What are the options? The five options Di Oleo has launched range from the ZQ Hombre solid perfume, with notes of Jasmine, Amber and Musk of 15 grams, while the TW Woman recalls the aroma of Anise, Mimosa and Ylang Ylang. The CH Woman with notes of Vanilla, Sandalwood and Geranium and the AV Woman with Orange, Caramel and Geranium. Finally, the XY Man will activate the senses with its aroma of Chocolate, Sandalwood and Patchouli. How do you use a solid perfume? You will only have to apply it with circular movements on the pulse points, such as the wrists, the neck or behind the ears, just as you do with the liquid, but solid perfumes have the advantage that you do not waste any product because you control perfectly the amounts you want to apply. The keys to Di Oleo's solid perfumes • They are 100% natural and vegan • They are unisex, for men and women • Fragrances that last • They do not evaporate like liquid does • They do not contain toxic products • They do not they contain alcohol • They do not use plastic • Easy to transport and apply • Respectful of the most sensitive skin Thus, the five Di Oleo solid perfumes join the range of vegan, sustainable and environmentally friendly products promoted by the brand.

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