ANNOUNCEMENT: UNIQLO will present a 1,000 square meter LifePark at CIIE 2022

Introducing new ways of living in the future through the Art and Science of LifeWear.

ANNOUNCEMENT: UNIQLO will present a 1,000 square meter LifePark at CIIE 2022

Introducing new ways of living in the future through the Art and Science of LifeWear

SHANGHAI and TOKYO, Nov. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Global clothing retailer UNIQLO will create a 1,000-square-meter immersive LifePark at the 2022 China International Import Expo (CIIE), which will take place from 5 to November 10 in Shanghai. UNIQLO LifePark will present new ways of living in the future through the Art and Science of LifeWear in four zones: technology, fashion, quality and sustainability. UNIQLO has also announced plans to open more than 10 new stores across China during the month of November.

"For nearly 30 years, UNIQLO has grown alongside China's apparel industry, working with our production partners to bring high-quality products to customers around the world. We are pleased to participate in CIIE for the third time and showcase the evolution of products such as HEATTECH thermal clothing, ultralight down and 100% recycled polyester fleece[1] that embody the art and science of LifeWear, especially when it comes to innovative technology and sustainability. We look forward to connecting with more customers at China and around the world to embark on the journey of new ways of living in the future," said Jalin Wu, CEO of Fast Retailing Group and Chief Marketing Officer of UNIQLO Greater China.

Creation of a LifePark at the CIIE through the art and science of LifeWear

UNIQLO LifeWear is simple, high-quality everyday clothing that enhances everyone's life with a practical sense of beauty and sophisticated design. Drawing inspiration from the concepts of LifeWear and Made for All, UNIQLO has created LifePark - a place for everyone, at this year's CIIE, equipped with facilities that convey the different aspects of LifeWear through four zones: Technology, Fashion, Quality and Sustainability.

Driven by technology and innovation, UNIQLO has created a line of winter gear that allows customers to comfortably enjoy winter and colder climates. In addition to HEATTECH, products like ultralight down and hybrid down keep the wearer warm and stylish.

Visitors to the Technology Zone will be immediately greeted with innovation when they enter, with a gigantic central installation of the world's first 2.5 meter tall HEATTECH underwear. Since its launch in 2003, HEATTECH has become synonymous with LifeWear. In the 19 years since then, breathable, flexible underwear has been a mainstay of winter wardrobes.

Also on display in the Technology Zone are UNIQLO's latest Ultra Light Down multifunctional pens, with modern contrast color block designs and gloss finishes, which are incredibly light, warm, compact and portable, water repellent and with an antistatic lining. The pioneering creation of Ultra Light Down was named one of the 100 best modern designs by Fortune in 2020.

Designed together with its Global Brand Ambassador and professional snowboarder, Ayumu Hirano, UNIQLO Hybrid Down uses a filling technology composed of down and functional padding that absorbs moisture to generate warmth. UNIQLO Hybrid Down features lightweight, flexible and incredibly warm designs that are perfect for even the coldest winter days.

In the LifePark Sustainability Zone, UNIQLO will present its latest fleece for the first time at CIIE, with a fabric made from 100% recycled polyester from plastic bottles. This achievement has been achieved through the combined efforts of UNIQLO and its major supplier partners. UNIQLO, which adds to its line of clothing designed with the latest technology, aims to inspire more people to enjoy quality clothing while taking care of the planet.

The UNIQLO LifePark Fashion Zone will present a preview of the upcoming UNIQLO and MARNI 2022 winter collection, which will go on sale in December. UNIQLO and MARNI continue to playfully explore the clash between purity and chaos with 60s psychedelic prints and colour-block designs. The fusion of UNIQLO's simplicity and craftsmanship with MARNI's creativity brings comfortable warmth to cold winter days and invigorates everyday style with color and energy.

UNIQLO masterpieces will be on display in the LifePark Quality Zone: staples that continue to evolve with the times. Among the essential items on display will be synthetic shirts, pants and bras to show how they can be upgraded each season.

Other iconic UNIQLO products on display in the four LifePark zones include UV protection jackets, AIRism breathable garments, UNIQLO T-shirts and BLOCKTECH functional jackets.

UNIQLO opened its first store in mainland China in September 2002, and today the company has more than 900 outlets in more than 200 cities in mainland China. With the opening of more than 10 new stores in November in places like the city of Chongqing, as well as in the provinces of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui, UNIQLO is bringing clothing designed with cutting-edge technology and international quality to millions of consumers across China.

[1] Fabric is made from 100% recycled polyester.

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