ANNOUNCEMENT: XCA 2600, XCMG's all-terrain crane, sets a new wind power lifting record

-XCA 2600, the world's strongest all-terrain crane, developed by XCMG, sets a new wind power lifting record.

ANNOUNCEMENT: XCA 2600, XCMG's all-terrain crane, sets a new wind power lifting record

-XCA 2600, the world's strongest all-terrain crane, developed by XCMG, sets a new wind power lifting record

WEIFANG, China, Nov. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- XCA2600, the world's most powerful all-terrain crane, independently developed by XCMG (SHE: 000425), the world's third largest manufacturer of construction machinery, recently erected and installed a 8.5MW wind turbine at Changyi Wind Farm in Weifang, Shandong Province, setting the lifting record for the largest onshore wind power generator and a new milestone for the development of high-quality manufacturing industries in China .

The XCA2600, the world's first all-terrain crane with a 10-axle chassis, has a lower crane body that can protect equipment when operating in wind power plants. Thanks to this, when you encounter low-lying power lines, you can pass safely. The more compact body, along with a wider chassis and independent suspension system, greatly improves the safety and stability of the crane.

XCMG's pioneering "super twin crane" solution features two 2,600-tonne mega cranes with different lifting capacities that can freely switch: crawler base or mobile base. This innovative solution pushes the limits of lifting to enhance overall performance and adaptability convenience on various construction sites. This progressive approach aims to provide highly efficient solutions for super wind turbine installation and customize operations for different construction environments and application scenarios.

The XCC2600 telescopic crawler crane has excellent loading and driving capacity to transport heavier components (such as six main boom sections, legs and super-hoist structure, capable of carrying with a counterweight of 40 tons and a total weight of 457 tons). ) and go through severe road conditions. It has a 30% gradeability and a driving speed of 2 km/hour.

In the context of "3060 carbon duality" targets, China's wind power sector is developing rapidly and has set a new installation record in 2021 with an added onshore wind power installation capacity amounting to 41 .44 million kilowatts, which accounted for 74.1 percent of the total newly installed capacity. With the industry booming in China, there is a high demand for super cranes to build wind turbines.

As the world record holder for hoisting, XCMG Hoisting Machinery has achieved many important milestones. In the past decade, XCMG has been delivering super mobile cranes with the strongest lifting capacity every two years, progressing from XCA1200, to XCA1600, to XCA1800, to XCA2600.

The XCA2600 owns eight original technologies and has realized a complete coverage of onshore wind turbine lifting for 8MW generators, achieving lifting weight of 173 tons up to the lifting height of 160 meters, which will significantly improve the installation of wind turbines on land. large land.

"The rapid development of wind power technologies requires lifting equipment that can lift heavier weights to higher heights while ensuring transportation efficiency and safety, so XCMG is committed to developing the best super cranes to support the rapid development of the global wind power industry and the development of new energy," said Li Changqing, technical expert at XCMG.

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