ANNOUNCEMENT: Xercode, an established company that offers digitization solutions to libraries and archives

(Information sent by the signing company).

ANNOUNCEMENT: Xercode, an established company that offers digitization solutions to libraries and archives

(Information sent by the signing company)

Xercode is a startup with almost fifteen years of experience in the content management sector and the development of digitization solutions for libraries, archives, universities and public and private sector entities

The Xercode team is made up of nearly twenty professionals who are experts in their fields and are backed both by their technical and superior training background and by their outstanding work on projects and products that have become benchmarks in the management landscape. of library content. The business model of the company is aimed, especially, at the archival and library sector in the academic, school and corporate fields and from the beginning it was characterized by the development of technical solutions based on free software that cover the needs of these entities.Since its creation in 2009, the technology company has experienced exponential growth thanks to successful experiences such as the implementation of the electronic book loan system of the 'Galician Library Network', an absolutely pioneering project throughout the national territory. The good work of Xercode was recognized with the TIC Galicia award for 'Best Free Software Development' in 2018 for its work in the implementation of Koha ILS in the Network of Public Libraries of Galicia, the integrated management system for this type of entity based on open source code. In fact, Xercode is a partner official and the first Spanish company to provide support for Koha ILS and also works with other types of systems such as AtoM, intended for archives, and Open Journal Systems, free software used to manage journals. Likewise, it forms part and actively participates in the international development communities of these products, to collaborate in their evolution and progressive improvement. Comprehensive management ecosystem Innovation, versatility and progressive improvement are some of the maxims of this company at the time of designing its tools.Through the xebook platform, the entity's most outstanding product, its clients have an ecosystem with an immense capacity for adaptation that centralizes all the different solutions offered by Xercode in terms of access, management and production of contents. This system, developed in 2011, is constantly growing and allows the libraries themselves to draw directly from publishers and distributors through it, implement an electronic book management and loan service or have a channel sales of digital content, among various possibilities. The company's capacity is guaranteed for the portfolio of clients who have trusted Xercode over the years, such as the Xunta de Galicia, the three Galician universities, the Pontevedra Provincial Council, the University of Salamanca or the General Council of Spanish Lawyers, among many other entities of the entire national territory.

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