ANNOUNCEMENT: Xiamen Airlines Wins World Class APEX Award

XIAMEN, China, Oct.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Xiamen Airlines Wins World Class APEX Award

XIAMEN, China, Oct. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ --On October 26 local time, the Association for Airline Passenger Experience (APEX) announced the winners of various awards, including Global Airlines of Five Star and World Class. Rated a Five Star Global Airline for the third year in a row, Xiamen Airlines was delighted to win an even bigger award, World Class 2023, the most eminent of all APEX awards. Seven other airlines, including Emirates, Singapore Airlines and Japan Airlines, received the same title.

Distinctive services earned Xiamen Airlines the top award

At the end of August this year, Hichem, APEX's official auditor to rate Xiamen Airlines' services, flew first class, business class and economy class on several of the airline's flights, and was impressed by the professionalism of its crew, its impeccable services and incredible attention to detail. "One of the highlights of this world-class service audit experience is Xiamen Airlines' commitment to sustainability," he said. "As the world's first airline to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Xiamen Airlines has virtually eliminated the use of disposable plastic products."

During the audit, the auditor rated Xiamen Airlines' hardware, software and services with the utmost professionalism against the highest standards in the world. In 197 pages, more than forty thousand words of the service audit report, it recognized the consistency and integrity of Xiamen Airlines' services throughout the chain, including flight safety, punctuality, worry-free check-in, cabin and transfers. "Xiamen Airlines wins this high honor by standing out from a group of the world's leading airlines," said Hichem. "It's really a hard-earned thing."

Innovate to continually elevate the passenger experience

"The World Class 2023 award represents APEX's recognition of our high-quality services," said Zhao Dong, President of Xiamen Airlines. "We will continue to adopt high standards for our services, and adhere to rigorous anti-COVID measures and sustainable and responsible operation to ensure remarkable experiences for all our passengers."

In 2019, Xiamen Airlines was invited to attend the APEX annual meeting commemorating its 40th anniversary. Zhao Dong, Chairman of Xiamen Airlines, was widely applauded at the event when he delivered a speech in English explaining to the audience how the airline had tried to be sustainable in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). United. Zhao was also the first Chinese to join the APEX board of governors, which is made up of leaders from the world's major airlines, including Delta Air Lines and JetBlue. In the same year, for the concrete actions it had taken in support of the United Nations SDGs and its quality service capabilities, Xiamen Airlines received three other awards from APEX, namely SDG Global Visionary Leader, the best cabin service chosen by passengers in mainland China and the best food and beverage chosen by passengers in mainland China.

Since the beginning of this year, Xiamen Airlines has been innovating its services to try to effect changes and breakthroughs in the new market landscape. For example, to be more environmentally friendly and promote the concept of sustainability, Xiamen Airlines conducted its first carbon-neutral flight this year. It has been the first Chinese airline to offer first-class passengers sumptuous food and wine "A Starred Journey" in collaboration with a three-Michelin-starred restaurant. In addition, to promote Chinese culture and show the typical character of this country, the airline launched Tianji Teahouse, a new service system based on the tea ceremony that integrates both traditional Chinese tea culture and modern flight cabin services. . All this indicates Xiamen Airlines' commitment to innovation and has been applauded by APEX.

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