ANNOUNCEMENT: yeedi Releases Holiday Gift Guide


ANNOUNCEMENT: yeedi Releases Holiday Gift Guide

BERLIN, Nov. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- yeedi is pleased to announce the release of its gift guide for the upcoming holidays. The yeedi Christmas gift guide includes all kinds of robot vacuums to suit the cleaning needs of different families. Whether for parents, newlyweds, or friends, this gift guide will inspire you with interesting gifts.

yeedi vac station – A 3-in-1 household cleaning hero

The yeedi vacuum station vacuums, scrubs and self-empties the garbage can, 3 in 1. With the dust bag that seals 30 days of dirt, this model can last up to 30 days to be emptied. Its long-lasting scrubbing system and 3000Pa strong suction power provide excellent cleaning results.

yeedi vac 2 pro – The best robot vacuum cleaner for families with children

For those with big kitchen spot cleaning needs, yeedi vac 2 pro is a perfect choice. Its unique oscillating scrubbing system moves back and forth to mimic hand scrubbing, but 5x faster to tackle accidental spills, dried-on stains and more. This model is also equipped with 3D obstacle avoidance technology that intelligently avoids daily clutter on the floor and detects narrow spaces.

yeedi mop station – The Cleaning Master robot vacuum cleaner with self-cleaning station

With the dual power mopping system, yeedi mop station pro makes cleaning easy. Some mopping robots spray water on the floor and drag a mopping cloth leaving wet residue everywhere. But yeedi's two mops are pressed against the floor with a force of 10N and clean the most difficult stains. With 2500Pa suction power, it can even sweep dust and dirt into dead corners. An adorable option for people who enjoy the freedom of bare feet at home.

yeedi vac max – Help for big houses with carpet and hard floor

yeedi vac max vacuums and scrubs simultaneously to tackle wet and dry messes in one go. With 3000Pa suction power, it sweeps away dirt like a hurricane. Recognize the carpet and plan the cleaning method accordingly. In scrub mode, it pulls away from the carpet, while in vacuum mode, it automatically increases suction power for a deep clean.

yeedi vac hybrid – 2 in 1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop

yeedi vac hybrid is versatile and ready for both wet and dry dirt. Vacuum with great suction power and scrub with a smart scrubbing system. The built-in carpet detection sensor intelligently recognizes the carpet and avoids mopping. A side brush and a main rolling brush combined with a strong suction power of up to 2500Pa capture dust and pet hair embedded in the carpet and hard floor for deep cleaning. Perfect for apartments with pets.

yeedi vac 2 – The efficient robot vacuum cleaner and mop for families

Families with children find themselves with arduous cleaning tasks and clutter on the floor. yeedi vac 2 is the best gift to put in the gift basket for Thanksgiving or Christmas. This model is ultra-slim at 77mm, so it can easily fit through low spaces under furniture. Plus, it can free itself when stuck thanks to its 3D obstacle avoidance technology that intelligently dodges everyday floor clutter and detects tight spaces.

In addition to these attractive plans, yeedi is also preparing a Christmas gift campaign for everyone. During November 24 and 25, customers will have the opportunity to win surprise gifts after their purchases. To know the most specific bases, be sure to visit yeedi's Instagram account, yeedi_eu, don't miss it.

Don't hesitate to get your hands on amazing Christmas gifts for 2022.

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