ASMR: Do you feel the tingling on your head?

In thousands of YouTube videos, people are drumming on cream cans or playing barber visits. This is supposed to be extremely relaxing. Our author also sleeps better. Why?

ASMR: Do you feel the tingling on your head?
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    I have made it easier for me to write this text. I underestimated how research would be put to sleep. Not because I find subject boring – on contrary: I am a fan. But let's write about videos that are made to help you relax and fall asleep. Not easy to stay awake.

    I want to fathom phenomenon of ASMR. The abbreviation is short for autonomous sensory meridian Response. Under this keyword, re are more than ten million videos on YouTube in which people make things in front of camera that look strange at first sight.

    An example: Emma sits in her gazebo in London and whispers quietly that I should relax. The room is immersed in warm, soft light. With a quiet voice she tells me that in next 50 minutes I will get a relaxing haircut.

    The ASMR community is one of most successful on YouTube

    I don't know what a relaxing haircut should be. Does that make any sense? I don't know, but I don't care, because I'm not here for hair, but for relaxing. Just not in Emma's bower. I sit hundreds of miles away in Berlin, at my desk, watching on my laptop how Emma gives a camera a head massage and find that extremely soothing.

    I'm not alone with that. For years, ASMR community has been booming, one of most successful on YouTube. Companies have already noticed this. Some are trying to integrate ASMR into advertising campaigns. For example, Ikea has released a clip in United States in which products are advertised with raschelnder sheets and light switches.

    ASMR-Haarekämmen to reduce stress on YouTube, re are more than a million videos that whisper, cut, comb and scroll. In some people, noises trigger a pleasant tingling in head – called ASMR.

    The whisky manufacturer Glenmorangie staged his single malts in ASMR videos. And American fashion magazine W has been conducting interviews with stars in A whisper for about two years. How many followers scene has is hard to say, but in terms of number of video calls and subscribers to channels, it's hundreds of thousands, maybe millions. Emma earns money by now.

    The content of videos is different. There are noise videos in which someone with foil crackles, lets water dribble, drums with fingers on a can, strokes over fabric and much more. Some produce accidentally ASMR videos. A Schminktutorial or review of a computer game can also become a ASMR hit.

    Date Of Update: 02 April 2018, 12:03

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